خوشخبری 10500 New May Qist 3 قسم کے خاندان | Bisp New Update 2024

10500 New May Qist:

The new tranche of the Benazir Income Support Program has been announced by the government, in which the May payment up of Rs 10,500 is going to be received. It will not only include those who were screened, there were also many people who were not immediately eligible after conducting the new survey but were put on the screened list as their own. When they used to check the money, they were being told that your dynamic registry registration has been completed and your charges are being checked. It is done in the same way, the good news for those who are charged is that their payments will start from tomorrow. The rest of the people are included

New update for new survey takers:

All the people who have done their new survey and all the people who have received money before have also done the survey and those who did not get the new ID but their payments are not showing. So the good news for the new ID guards is that their payments are going to start as well

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938 code:

 There were a large number of people with 938 who wanted to receive payments but because of repeated fingering or because the figure did not appear, they went to the 938 code or they were coded, so now they have to pay. Lagna has started

10500 New May Qist
10500 New May Qist

The new phase of Benazir Income Support Program will start on May 13:

All such regular beneficiaries who were getting money before the Benazir Income Support Program even if they have received 8500 installment or they have received 9000 rupees installment, now they can also receive 10500 rupees from May 13. On May 13th, all regular benefits will be paid and you will be able to receive them, apart from this, Benazir educational scholarships will also be given with the same installment and all such women whose children have their own If the payment was delayed or not received in the previous month, they will be given double payment in this month.

BISP Centre:

The regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program can collect their payments from the centers in their nearest cities.


All those who are under investigation who have renewed or are suffering from code 938 will start receiving their payment from tomorrow and will start transferring to their accounts but The payment of regular beneficiaries will start from May 13 Benazir Income Support Program aims to provide financial support to the poor and deserving households in addition to providing Benazir education scholarships and good education to the poor and deserving children so that they can improve their quality of life. can make

The new phase of Benazir Income Support Program will start on May 13
The new phase of Benazir Income Support Program will start on May 13