12000 Nigehban Program

12000 Nigehban Program:

The 12000 Nigehban Program is a financial aid program launched by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan [1].


  • Residents of Punjab province [1].
  • Previously enrolled in the Nigehban Ration Program [2].
  • Completed a new economic survey and meet the poverty criteria (possibly income below 60,000 rupees or registered under Benazir Income Support Program) [2, 3].
  • There might be a specific Poverty Monitoring Tool (PMT) rating requirement (between 25 and 32) [1].

BISP Latest Today News 2024:

Assalam Alaikum, viewers, who wants to send their identity card to 8800? There has been a big update. Of course, you know that registration has been officially started in this program, for which the new short code is 8800, so on this new short code. After sending your ID card, almost a lot of people are getting the message “Environment Reference Number Provide”, we have already told you about the reason for this, but now the latest in this regard. The update itself will keep sending such message to the registration people and will tell you in detail about it. Similarly, they will also update you regarding the government card and Nihgaban card and first of all this new short code of 8800. Racer will talk about the service after sending ID cards to many people. Do you know that for Roshan Gharana scheme, under which the government is providing free solar plate, this new short code has been opened to know its eligibility.

Free Solar Panel:

So now who are there who will apply and send their identity card, then first of all you need to understand that under this new program Roshan Gharana Scheme free solar plate will be provided to all those people who have electricity. whose bill remains less than 100 units and according to DSP their PMT support is less than 25 then these people will be included in this program because only one unit of your electricity You will not be billed for less than the unit, but apart from that, your financial condition will be seen whether you need it or not. and their electricity bill is 100 units, then they will send their original ID card after the next three to four days through their message to 8800 and write their mobile phone’s right message at the end. If they send from the registered SIM, they will definitely be told about the eligibility of this program. All the assistance programs of Baitul Mal are only for disabled people, which is for disabled people and a lot of disabled people. There are those who are not registered and do not even have a certificate of existence, so for them too, Inshallah, in the next post, we will tell you in detail how they can get their certificate of disability. Solar System Scheme

12000 Nigehban Program
12000 Nigehban Program

8800 New Code Online Apply:

So at the same time, let us tell you about the DSP that the regular beneficiaries of the Benazir Kafalat program cannot apply for the Nigehban Card and Himmat Guard. Before, it was also being told that the beneficiaries of BISP will be given to Hemet card and Nigehban card, so they will get something like this. Let’s say that one of the most important updates from the office regarding the new installments of Benazir Kafalat program is that due to the implementations of the new banking system and some technical issues, the next installment of this month may be slightly delayed. If it cannot be issued for the first round, then inshallah the first installment of the sponsorship program and educational scholarship program will be released before the last week and ATMs will not be restored on this installment.

12000 Nigehban Program
12000 Nigehban Program

8800 SMS Solar Panel Apply:

Based on the search results, it seems sending an SMS to 8800 might be a way to apply for a solar panel program in Pakistan. However, there are some things to consider:

  • The video you linked talks about a program for school children’s education funds, not solar panels. It’s possible the information about applying for solar panels through SMS is outdated or for a different program.
  • It’s not clear from the information available what the exact format of the SMS should be or who is running the program.

Here’s what you can do to find out more:

  • Search online for “solar panel program Pakistan“. This might lead you to the official website of the program with application details.
  • Look for government websites or websites of organizations working on renewable energy in Pakistan. They might have information on solar panel programs.
  • Call the phone number of a government department or organization that might be involved in such programs.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to get information from a reliable source before applying for any program.