13000 Benazir Kafalat

13000 Benazir Kafalat

13,000 refers to the new increased amount for the Benazir Kafalat program in Pakistan. This is a social welfare program by the Pakistani government that provides financial assistance to low-income families. Previously, the amount was PKR 10,500 but was increased in the June 2024 budget. The increase will be implemented in the next installment.

Bachon ke Paise Increase

Assalam Alaikum viewers, finally the new budget and the people have got a big relief. You are going to get 13 thousand rupees. They are getting 10 thousand 500 rupees now, they will also start getting 13 thousand from now or not, they will also tell you, while the third phase of 10500 rupees is starting from which day, is there no check? Individuals and those whose survey has already started or they have completed the survey, then will they also get Rs 13500 or not, they will give you the complete details, before that, please like the video. Subscribe and press the bell icon next to it to select it so that you will get important and latest information about various aid programs in a timely manner. It has been finally decided to increase the amount of rupees. The new budget has been passed. It has not only increased the amount of Benazir Income Support Program but also increased the education scholarships of children. See how much the increase is. 593 billion rupees have been allocated only in the budget of Benazir Income Support Program and this total increase of 27% will be seen. Only 2024 is for the same year but it is also for 2025, which means that in the same year that 2024 is going on, your rate will be increased, but the rate will be increased in the next year as well. 13 Up to 1000 rupees, the same increase will be kept next year too, it will not be reduced further, but the same routine will be maintained again. Now the number of beneficiaries under the sponsorship program is 93 lakh In progress, now it will be increased to one crore, now more children will be added to it than the education scholarships that children were getting earlier. will be registered, then they will also get not only the payment of their mother, but also the money of the children, they will also get to see the additional amount. It has been and is being increased to 13 thousand rupees, which is the installment of women, while the allowances of children will also be increased up to 500 rupees per child and those who get 3 thousand rupees will get 3500 rupees. 2500 will be given to them 3000 in the same way 1500 will be given a stipend of up to 1000 rupees.

13000 Benazir Kafalat
13000 Benazir Kafalat

Benazir Budget Relief 13000

While the verified and ineligible persons will be added in the upcoming installments or not or only those who will be increased in any way, then let us tell you. will increase and they will not get 10 thousand 500 rupees, but up to 13 thousand rupees will be released to them. Yes, they will be qualified in the month of July. The surveyors will also get to see the new payment increase in the same way, while those who are Naila, the government is also trying to increase the PMT score in the coming days. PMT support will also be prioritized and PMT score of 32 to 35 will be given to all people. If they become disqualified then they will still be eligible because the score will increase and because of the increase in score your payment will also be released to you. are receiving their payment but there are still third stage people, then they will also start receiving money by 21st after Eid and they can also receive their money from Campside, while this 13 thousand This is the installment of Rs. 10,500 rupees. You will get this installment for the next July 10, September.

13000 Benazir Kafalat
13000 Benazir Kafalat

Benazir kafalat Online Registration

The Benazir Kafalat program, now part of the Ehsaas program, doesn’t currently accept new applications through online registration. However, you can check your eligibility and see if you’ve been pre-selected through a couple of methods:

  • 8171 SMS Service: Text your CNIC number to 8171. You’ll receive a reply indicating your eligibility status for the program.

  • National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) Survey: If your family participated in the NSER survey and scored below 32, you might be eligible. You can’t register through the NSER itself, but it helps determine pre-selection for the program.

Here are some helpful resources:

  • Benazir Income Support Programme website: [Benazir Income Support Programme ON bisp.gov.pk]
  • 8171 Ehsaas Program website (check eligibility): [8171 check online ON 8171 Ehsaas Program https://8171ehsaasprogrambispnews.pk/]

If you’re not pre-selected but believe you qualify, you can contact BISP for further information on alternative enrollment processes. Their contact details are available on the BISP website.’

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) budget for 2024-2025 has been finalized or announced an increase for children. However, I can help you find some resources to stay updated:

  • BISP Official Website: The BISP website (https://bisp.gov.pk/) is a good starting point for official announcements and program updates.
  • Pakistani News Media: Searching online Pakistani news outlets for “BISP Budget 2024” or “Benazir Bhutto Support Program” might reveal recent news articles about the budget.

Here are some search terms you can use:

  • BISP budget 2024-2025
  • Benazir Income Support Program increase for children
  • New Benazir Budget announced