Sun. May 26th, 2024
18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation

18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation

In an effort to fight poverty in Pakistan, Sunridge and 18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation have collaborated to introduce the Taqatwar Free Rashan project. This initiative pursuits to grant quintessential meals useful resource to about 20 million men and women throughout the nation. By mainly focused on these residing beneath the poverty line, the task endeavors to alleviate the unfavourable results of monetary deprivation usual in the country.

Step Of Free Rashan

The Step with the aid of Step Application Process to get 18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation includes quite a few simple procedures:

Visit the Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan Website: To provoke the software process, navigate to the authentic internet site at

Click on “Beneficiaries”: Upon getting access to the homepage, come across and click on on the “Beneficiaries” section.

18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation
18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation

Review Eligibility Guidelines: It is essential to cautiously study via the supplied suggestions to confirm eligibility for the program.

Complete the Application Form: Fill out the utility structure accurately, offering distinctive records about your household and monetary status.

Submission of Application: Once the structure is completed, post it thru the website’s on-line platform.

Required Documents

For men and women missing net access, the utility structure is additionally reachable for down load on the authentic internet site to accommodate a variety of applicants.Priority is given to households dealing with instantaneous hardships such as herbal failures or clinical emergencies. Eligibility extends to households with a month-to-month profits beneath PKR 17,500, furnished they can furnish proof of earnings and private facts for the duration of the software process.


The important goal of the Sunridge and 18000 Free Rashan From JDC Foundation Taqatwar initiatives is to make sure meals safety for people grappling with poverty or economic constraints. By adhering to the undemanding utility system outlined above, eligible candidates can now not solely observe for help however additionally impervious integral sustenance to meet their fundamental needs. This recreation instills hope in the hearts of these in dire need, underscoring the profound have an effect on collective efforts can have on enhancing lives.


  1. How to test your software reputation to get Free Rashan From JDC Foundation?

To confirm the repute of your Rashan application, truely log in to the Taqatwar portal or make use of the Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan app. You will discover a “Request Rashan Box” button alongside with a countdown indicating the subsequent distribution.

  1. How tons cash will be given with the aid of the JDC Foundation?

The JDC Foundation endeavors to make sure meals safety for economically deprived households by way of distributing PKR 18,000 month-to-month to eligible beneficiaries.