20000 Electric Bikes Scheme For Students By CH Punjab Maryam Nawaz

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif Launches Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme for Students

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif has initiated the registration for the distribution of the Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme, aimed at students in Punjab. Students residing in Pakistan who wish to participate in this scheme should complete their registration as soon as possible. Detailed information on the application process is provided below.

Latest Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

The Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme is designed to provide electric bikes to students who face transportation issues while commuting to colleges or universities. This initiative, led by Maryam Nawaz Sharif, targets both male and female students.

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Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme Details

To help students acquire bikes through easy installments and facilitate their educational activities, the registration process has been made accessible online. You can register by visiting the government portal and submitting your application from home. The step-by-step registration procedure is outlined below:

Visit the official government portal dedicated to the Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme.

Complete the online application form with accurate information.

Submit the form through the portal.

By following these steps, you can easily submit your application and benefit from the scheme aimed at alleviating transport problems for students.

20000 Electric Bikes Scheme For Students By CH Punjab Maryam Nawaz

Application Procedure for Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

Students who want to submit their application for the Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme can follow the brief procedure outlined below:

Access the Portal:

Search for the Punjab e-bike scheme portal on your mobile device.

Create Your ID:

Register and create your ID on the portal.

Complete the Application Steps:

Follow the five-step process displayed on the portal.

Ensure all information entered is accurate to avoid cancellation of your application.

Upload all necessary documents.


Download the challan form from the portal.

Pay the required fee at the bank.


Complete the entire application process correctly.

You will be notified of your eligibility through a message or email after confirmation.

How to Check Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme Eligibility

To check your eligibility, review the criteria below:

You must be a resident of Punjab.

Your identity card should be issued in Punjab. However, if you reside in another province, you are still eligible.

You must be studying in a school or university.

Benefits of the Punjab 20000 E-Bike Scheme

The primary benefit of the Electric Bike Scheme is that students will receive a bike upfront and can pay for it in monthly installments. This scheme is available to students of Punjab, but students studying in other provinces can also register if they have the necessary educational credentials.

Checking the Balloting List for the E-Bike Scheme

The list of students who have submitted their applications has been uploaded on the Bike Scheme portal. This includes separate lists of eligible and ineligible students. To check your eligibility:

Visit the Online Portal:

Access the Bike Scheme portal.

Search for Your Name:

Look for your name in the list to verify eligibility.

If you are eligible, you can collect your bike from the government. The distribution process has started, so eligible students should obtain their bikes as soon as possible.