3 New BISP Program

BISP Program:

The BISP program, which stands for Benazir Income Support Programme, is a major initiative in Pakistan aimed at reducing poverty. Here’s a breakdown of some key points about BISP:

  • Goal: It’s a federal program that provides unconditional cash transfers to underprivileged families.
  • Launch: Introduced in July 2008, it has become the largest social safety net program in the country.
  • Focus: BISP targets women by directly giving cash to female members of the household. This aims to empower women and improve their decision-making power regarding finances.
  • Impact: The program supports millions of families, enhancing their ability to cope with financial difficulties and promoting economic development.

Shehbaz Govt 3 New BISP Program Apply Online:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, we are going to inform you with the latest information and great news regarding viewer support programs because now three new schemes have been launched by the government of Pakistan and along with this Eid program. The money has also been transferred to people’s accounts, according to which a large number of people’s accounts have been transferred to the amount of two thousand rupees and the Eid program money has been sent to the people whose accounts are in regular messages. have also started receiving, so there is great news for those people who have not received any message of the Eid installment yet, because if you people deserve to receive this aid, then we will tell you a procedure under which You people will be able to receive your aid money without sending a message and at the same time you will also be told that a new aid program has been launched by the Shahbaz government for the people of all over Pakistan which is registered. It has also started at this time and let us tell you that people of a certain class who are registered in this program are also being provided with an aid amount of thousand rupees. Also tell you the procedure of registration in this new aid program. And the method of giving aid will also be told to you, and especially those who want to check the amount received under the Eid al-Fitr aid program sitting at home, the viewers will also tell you the method of checking the aid. Let us tell you that the aid money of the Eid al-Fitr relief programs has started to be deposited in people’s accounts. This aid money is not only in the accounts of the people of a single province, but of the people of the entire Pakistan, and in this regard, the people of Punjab province There is also a big good news for you, we will share with you all the aid programs issued by the provincial governments. Let’s say that a relief program of five thousand rupees has been started by Sindh, under which a large number of people are receiving money in their accounts, and this amount of five thousand rupees is not only given to women but also to men. It is not the case that only those who are eligible for Benazir Kafalat program are of course, but still men are also getting this amount of 5000 while women are getting it.

3 New BISP Program
3 New BISP Program

2000 Eid Payment Check By CNIC:

Viewers let us tell you that according to the new policy of the Benazir Income Support Program, women as well as men can join the Benazir Income Support Program. No, if the poverty support is less than 35-36, then they have started getting this five-five. There is no need to go ahead and we update you with regards to the message, so now let us tell you that after the province of Sindh, the government of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also announced an aid program of 10 thousand rupees. According to which this aid amount of Rs.10,10,000 has been distributed among eight and a half lakh families of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, so let us tell you that all such people who were registered in BISP and Ehsaas program and they had a poverty score below 26 and whether they are men or women and whether they receive money from the Benazir Kafalat program or not, still these people have been transferred an aid amount of ten thousand rupees. I did not get the message of the installment of 10 thousand rupees, they do not need to worry, then the messages of the installments of the program of Eid-ul-Fitr, if you do not need to worry about this, the governments have used BIS and this program. People are being qualified in these programs due to which people are not getting the messages completely, so those people who have not received the messages should also reach the retailer shop or ATM and check their installment.

3 New BISP Program
3 New BISP Program

BISP Registration check by CNIC:

there are two options offered by the BISP program to find out about your eligibility or registration status:

  1. SMS to 8171: This is the quickest and easiest option. Type your CNIC number (without dashes or spaces) and send it to 8171. You will receive a reply message indicating your eligibility status for the program.

  2. BISP Web Portal: Visit the BISP web portal https://www.bisp.gov.pk/. While there isn’t a specific section to check registration status, you can explore the program details and eligibility criteria to get a better understanding. if you are eligible but not registered, you’ll need to visit a BISP center for completing the registration process.