تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ: 8171 اے ٹی ایم ادائیگی 10500 ملنا شروع 2024

8171 ATM Payment 10500 Milna Start:

You have brought the latest most important and very good news updates for all the people regarding Benazir Income Support Program which you have been waiting for a long time so now your waiting hours are over because they All the updates have been released by the government. Yes, all of you were waiting regarding the ATM. How long will the payments be received from the ATM? Finally, the government has announced that from July 15. All the installments of the Benazir Income Support Program will be available from the ATM, just like you used to get your BISP payments from the ATM, in the same way, these payments will be provided to you. You will receive your payments from Bank ATM through the method, but for some time you will continue to receive payments from Bank Al Falah and Habib Bank ATM machines and after that, when the new banking system comes, you will receive more payments. ATM machines of six new banks will also start receiving these payments 

For More Information: Procedure To Apply For Benazir income support program

New update for checking ladies:

 The Benazir Income Support Program will also give a huge update to all new registrants who are under verification that in the month of September, all people who have been under verification for the past four months will They will also be given messages from 71 81 regarding their eligibility and their status will also be fully updated on the 8171 web portal.

8171 ATM Payment 10500 Milna Start
8171 ATM Payment 10500 Milna Start

Self-deductible women ineligible for BISP programme:

All women have the fear of deduction while taking payments of Benazir Income Support Program and many women get caught in the trap of agents and take their payments, which means they get their own deductions. They will also be taken out of the Benazir Income Support Program under a specific means, all the people and all these women will be judged as to which women or which women are getting their cut and when it is confirmed, such All women will be kicked out of Bays Income Support Program immediately and their money will be stopped. Go to the office of Nazir Income Support Program and give all the information about this agent and file a complaint. Will avoid deduction 

The episodes of Phase 3 will start from the month of July:

Let us also tell you about the recent episodes that you have been told many times before but still many people are asking that we have not received the sponsorship program from the first week of July. The remaining installments will start to be received, which means that the payments of all the districts included in the third phase, which is the last stage, will start from the first week of July. 

New update for ineligible women:

Those who have been disqualified will be able to withdraw their payments in the month of July if they have any existing funds in their accounts, after which their account will be blocked for two years and then they will be re-surveyed. will be and can be rehabilitated due to eligibility Also you can check more details from 8171 web portal

Self-deductible women ineligible for BISP programme
Self-deductible women ineligible for BISP programme