Sat. May 25th, 2024
8171 BISP

8171 BISP

 In today’s Article is going to be very special for all those poor women who did not get flour from the Nigehban program, did not get free ration or were thrown out from the 8171 BISP. A very good news has come out from the government side for Khawateen Hazrat because the government has given a big decision today. Those people who have received flour once from the Nigehban program, those people will be given cards from the Nigehban program from the government side. Which you get 20 rupees every month from the government.

Nigehbaan Program

You will be given a kilo bag and along with it you will be given ration from the government monitored program and also a very important decision has been taken by the government to distribute even bigger help than the Benazir program but how can you apply for this program? There is complete information about how to apply for the card.Inshallah, you are going to get a lot of benefits.Our big update today is the card of Nige Ban Program and with reference to Nailiya of Benazir Programme, so with reference to that I am giving you the information on your mobile. I will go to the screen and talk to you in detail there.

8171 BISP
8171 BISP

Special Update

Let us talk about which special update of the program has come, so let’s start. So finally guys, as we have come to the screen of your mobile, here I will tell you how you can remove the card of the program and Secondly, how can you get your name registered through car in Benazir Income Support Program? It is a simple task, here first of all you have to add your Kami Identification Card Number, here you have to add it like you will add your Kami Identification Card Number. After this you will see a capture below, you will see the things you have written here.

BISP Card 

You have to write it simply as it is. After writing, you have to type as you know. If you type ‘f’ then whatever amount of help you need, whether it is worth ₹, 5000 or 00, will be in front of you. Here you can see that it is written to you that you are eligible for the fall program. If you have not collected Rs. 000 recently, then you can collect the payment from any market near you. Why have they got Rs. 1000 help because of the government? Actually, the help they provide to Benazir is only Rs. 0500, but there is training in it.

 8171 Portal

The amount of Visaim Banzair has also been added to it. If it has to be recovered, you can go to any poetry center and recover your Idaat, but our real issue is what  should the families of those who were nailed do? So what they have to do is simple, click on it again to find out, after that a portal has been given to you below, this is the website given, you have to click here, if you are from one of these areas then what you have to do. Here you have to open this portal and enter your community identification card number.

National Identity Number

You have to add the National Identity Number. As soon as you add it, you will be immediately warned as to what is the date of your registration. You will be surveyed again by the government. No, you will not get any help. Like, see, I am my right now. I have added the commission number number again and after doing it, I will click on confirm, then see here, whatever information will be there, it will appear in front of you on the portal like this, then it is a simple task, you can do it easily through this method. You can apply again easily from these areas because It is not coming in the list of areas due to which my ID card is not getting checked, it has been fixed and the second big update is that many people were worried about the update, so in that context I am giving the pictures of that update. 

8171 BISP
8171 BISP

Nigehbaan Card Program

Here you can see it, I will zoom it to show you 8171 BISP, read it so that you can understand this thing in a better way, okay see here Nige Ban Card Program of Punjab Government, Nige Ban Card Program, why is the fee being given? Wazir Azam decided to give ₹ 1 h to the family, Maryam Nawaz gave a very good news, it is true that the government has given this very good news and you can see that City News has made this big official announcement, if you still don’t believe. If it is then you will never believe that if it is okay then the point is that you just wait and wait.