8171 Bisp Registration 2024

8171 Bisp Registration 2024

Now there are four types of families whose women have stopped receiving money and you can also check their names and Majeed, in a few days the government will also stop the money of the rest of the families, but in today’s era, the video, We will also tell you a way through which you can escape from here and you people will continue to receive money in the Benazir Income Support Program or the families who have not yet had the opportunity to join the 8171 Bisp Registration 2024. Those who are going to be canceled or who are repeatedly canceled should follow the procedure mentioned today.

Eligibility Criteria

If they implement it, inshallah, I hope you guys will be eligible here and you will also get money. Now the method of getting Eligibility has been changed in 8111, now if you want to be Eligible, you have to take the new method in 8171. After the change in the way of getting Eligibility in Qatar, many families What has been followed and it is certain that they have benefited here and some people are stopping here. And they are saying that don’t conduct a survey, if you conduct a survey, it will take people’s money.

Benazir Income Support Program

They will be shut down and if you look around your area, some families have also had their money shut off. If you ask, your neighbors’ money has also been stopped and the reason has also come to light. So today I am going to tell you the complete solution Gabseer ke paisa to hai, you will keep getting people, so I am going to tell you what method to follow for this, but here is also a latest update, I want to share it with you guys, but before that you can ask. Your friend for a little information.

8171 Bisp Registration 2024
8171 Bisp Registration 2024

FBR list

And you guys are benefiting here, so we Majeed have brought an update for you guys, so first of all I will update you viewers, it will be beneficial for you guys, government, now such families. are not part of it. Program These are the number one type of people who get the survey and are also registered in the Banksy Income Support Program but their name is included in the FBR list. Now many people will be confused about how to get enrolled in FBR list. Maybe we haven’t included it. See this is FBR data, it also works automatically.

And even when you go and get your name registered, your name is still registered, then FBR lists the names of people who have high income or a certain income bracket to collect tax from them. is the source. If your name appears in the list of taxpayers, those families do not receive money from the BN Sir Income Support Program, then you will not get much benefit from applying for the Badger Income Support Program. There are only a few families who will be splashed with oil but most are those whose names are in the FBR list.

 Check Your Status

If your name is not in filer list, you are non-filer, you can withdraw money here, how to check that you are filer? Otherwise I will tell you its code and you all have to work on that code. Its code is 9966. On it you have written your number which is for Nikhi card, LT without dash and a small space after it. Leave it and then you write it on your neticard number and then send it to 9966, after that you will see your status.

Cash or HBL

Maybe if you are a non-filer then this is good for you. If your name is included in the list of filers, it means that your sources of income are high and you get a certain income here. So, if your name is included in the FBR list, you will be included in the taxpayer list. If you pay taxes, you must check here. This is followed by families with bank accounts. Be it Judge Cash or HBL or Alfalfa or any other bank within Pakistan, any bank.

Benifits Of BISP

8171 Bisp Registration 2024 Whether it has your money in it, whether it is Rs 1 lakh, whether it is Rs 2 lakh, or if you have deposited someone else’s money, you have made a huge mistake. If you make this big mistake, the part of the program that you have. If you have more money in your account than your income, you will not get any benefit from this program. After that I will also tell you how to get eligible which is very easy and after that let’s talk about the third part. Number of people selling now