8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves

8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves

Now there are four types of families whose women’s money has been stopped in 8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves and you can also check their names, within a few days, the money of the remaining families will also be stopped by the government. but In today’s Article, we will also tell you a method through which you can escape from here and you people will continue to get money in Benazir Income Support Program or those families who have not yet got the opportunity to join Benazir Income Support Program. Those who are going to be or who are repeatedly made null, then they should follow the method mentioned today.

New Way In 8171

If they implement this then Inshallah, it is fully expected that you people will be Ahil here and you will also get money. Now the method of getting Ahil has been changed in 8111. Now if you want to be Ahil then You people will have to follow the new way in 8171 After the change in the way of getting Ahil in Qatar, many families have followed it and it is sure that they have benefited here and some people are stopping here. And they are saying that you should not get the survey done, if you get the survey done then it will cost you people’s money.

Money Of BISP

They will be closed and when you look around in your area, the money of some families has also been closed. If you ask, the money of your neighbors has also been closed and the reason for this has also come to light. So today I will tell you the complete solution to this. I will clear each and every thing to you and you will get the Benazir Income Support Program in Mustaqbil. You will also know the meaning of Ahli and you people can save and you people who are in Benazir  Income Support Program.

Benazir money is there, you people will keep getting it, so I will tell you which method to follow for this, but a latest update has also come here. for you people, so first of all I Nazarene will give you the update, it will be beneficial for you people, government, now such families are not a part of this program. This is the number one type of people who get the survey done and also get registered in Bensi Income Support Program but their name is included in the list of FBR. Now many people will be confused as to how to get included in the list of FBR. Maybe we have not included it. See, this is a data of FBR, it also works automatically.


And when you go and get your name registered yourself, even then your name is registered, then FBR lists the name of people whose income is more or has any special source of income to collect tax from them. If you include them in the Income Support Programme, then when their name appears in the list of tax payers, then these families do not get money from the BN Sir Income Support Program, then you people will not get much benefit from applying for the Badger Income Support Program. There are only a few families who will be oiled but mostly those whose names are in the FBR list.

8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves
8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves

If your name is not in the list of filer, you are a non-filer, then you can take the money here, so how can it be checked that you are a filer? Or else, I will tell you its code and you all have to work on this code. Its code is 9966. On this, you have written your number which is of the Nakhi card, LT without dash and after that a little space. Leave it and then you write it to your Nati card number and then send it to 9966, after that your status will be visible.

Special Income

It may be that you are a non-filer, then it is a good thing for you. If your name is included in the list of filers, then it means that your sources of income are more and you get a special income here. So, if your name is included in the list of FBR, then you will be included in the list of tax payer. If you pay tax then you have to check it from here. After this, on the second place come such families who have bank accounts. Whether it is Judge Cash or HBL or Alfalfa or any other bank within Pakistan, any bank.

Benefit Of Program

Whether it is your money lying inside it, whether it is Rs 1 lakh, whether it is Rs 2 lakh, or if you have deposited someone else’s money, then you have made a big mistake. If you have made this big mistake, then the part of this program that you have is that. If you have more money in your account than your income, then you will not get any benefit from this program. After this I will also tell you the way to become Aahil which is very easy and after that let’s talk about the third part. Now the number of people who sell their land, whether it was a sale of 20 lakhs, whether it was a sale of 40 lakhs or a sale of 5 lakhs, you bank.

If you put the money in the land or you paid the tax, the tax will be paid to you when you buy or sell the land, if you pay tax beyond that then those people are also removed from this program or if they apply, they are not included here. If they are already included, they stop getting the money they have. If they get the survey done again, their name is removed from the list. Now after this comes the fourth number. Now the fourth number is that those who get the registration of the vehicle etc., they also do not get anything from this program, meaning whether you have bought a vehicle or you have bought it.

 Method 81 Qatar

If you don’t do it and someone else takes it and gets it registered in your name, then you are free, then you will not get anything from here, then you will not be able to give money from the bonus support program, so now these were the four types of families whose money is being blocked here. Now comes a new type and now the earlier method of 81 Qatar has changed. You must have seen by visiting the portal, there also you are getting to see the latest updates. So now the method of 81 Qatar has changed. How can you become eligible through this and the women who are afraid that we will not get the survey done when the government told you to go to the Banas Income Sports Program office and If you go there and get the survey done, then it is necessary, otherwise there is no chance, then you will have to go there, and when you go, you people are afraid that our money will be stopped, so see, even if you don’t get it done, your money will still be stopped. It is possible that if it has to happen then it is important that you have to get the survey done and if you want that you are Ahil then you have to give correct information and along with it you also have to do one more thing and that work is that If your family is big then you have more chances of getting money here. If your family is small then you people have more chances to get money here.

8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves
8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves

Registration Done 

You can get the registration done for your grandparents, maternal grandparents who live with you, if you have a joint family, you can get your uncles etc. registered at any time, you can get the registration done for your uncles etc., that is, your loved ones who live with you, whom you know here. But you don’t get money from the Basic Income Support Program but if you live in your house, then you can get them arranged along with you. Only you don’t do this that you picked up your grandson’s card, picked up your wife’s, picked up a child’s bay form and went away like this. It is not possible that you have to take the perfect wife with you, make your own form for each child, 


if whose the age is more than 18 years, then make their grandchild card. Along with this, you should also have the grandchild card of those who live in your house. What you say openly is not followed, first the complete evidence is seen and then You are questioned and your record is taken, then this record is verified by Nadra. If it is as per Nadra Ken and your score of Gurbat is less then you people get involved in it. The issue of your investigation does not come up. If you are not able to match what you have deposited with NADRA, then you guys should 8171 Ehsaas Program Resolves check.