Sun. May 26th, 2024
8171 SMS Service

8171 SMS Service

That Assalam Welcome friends, Shaadi Hamari is telling that all the coconut families who have not come from Benazir Income Support Program or those who are new from Ehsaas Program 8171 SMS Service. According to the survey, if you have become a Nair, then for them we have created a service on which you can send a message to yourself, so friends, today I will tell you the right way to send a message on this keypad mobile, how you can send your card. You can get yourself mailed by sending a message. Friends, first of all you have to send the message.

8171 Portal

In the option and at the top, you are getting the right message. Friends, you have to go to the right message and where you put the number. When you send a message to someone, where you put the number, then in place of the number you have to put at 8171 i.e. one. Such a number is fine, you see, here you put a number, there you have to add a laugh 8171 and after that why don’t you say ‘ni’ and here, when you write a message, you have to put the card number in the place where you write the message and the card You have to put the number in such a way that the 13 numbers on the car are your number. You have to write it here directly in the middle.

Declared Code

No space, no mark, no date etc. is to be put, nothing is to be put, like we get to see the country on the top of the card, so you do not have to put that dress here, Director, you have to put the complete number, you will send the message by putting the complete number. When I send a message from 182, I ask for 182, so I correct it. Here it does not mean that the SIM should be registered in your name, here it can be registered in any name, you can send it from any number, but that mobile number is yours. If it is from home so that later you can know whether you have declared it or not.

8171 SMS Service
8171 SMS Service

Received The Messages

I have received the messages, so I show you the messages. This is half of the messages that have been received because of the signal, so the entire message will come in some time, but I have already read one message, so let me show you that. If you can get this kind of message, then see here that thanks for sharing your information, soon after investigating your information, you will be warned about the aliens, then you will receive this kind of message and After that you have to search. When your investigation is complete, you will get a message on this number that you canWhether you have joined the program or not, then you just have to keep in mind that the number should be of your house so that you can know later. There is no doubt that your SIM should be in your name, there is nothing like that.

Visit Ehsaas Program Registration Office

If you desire to get your registration problems cautiously and in detail, then an effortless manner is defined to you to take your ID card, B Form, and associated archives to your nearest Ehsaas Registration. Visit the center, the place the assistant will inform you in full element that you are eligible for the Ehsaas software 8171 SMS Service and even if you are no longer eligible, all your small print will be defined to you in detail. Remember that this Ehsaas application is for negative families.

Required Documents

  • Your Orginal CNIC
  • B Farm of adolescents
  • Phone Number
  • Family Member Information

How to NSER Registration 2024:

According to the new replace of the Ehsaas program, registration has been started. In the 2024 survey, these households who had been ineligible for the Ehsaas application however are now eligible for the software due to negative economic assets will be blanketed in the Ehsaas program, and these households who have been earlier eligible for the Ehsaas program. The eligibility If they are no longer pregnant, they will be eliminated from the Ehsaas program.

8171 SMS Service
8171 SMS Service

Ehsaas software for these bad households whose poverty rating is much less than 40% and who are involved about their wealth. The authorities of Pakistan commenced the Ehsaas application to assist the bad humans financially and to eradicate poverty in the country. The State Bank of Pakistan additionally praised this software of Pakistan and protected it in the Better Program for Poverty Reduction.


New registration in the Ehsaas 8171 SMS Service software has been announced. If you belong to a Poor family and favor to get your registration done, enter your ID card quantity 8171 and you will be knowledgeable in the affirmation message whether or not you are eligible for this software or not. Apart from this, you can go to the 8171 internet portal or go to the nearest workplace of the Ehsaas software and get the whole small print of your registration. They will be protected in the new survey of 2024 and will begin receiving Ehsaas month-to-month stipends.