Aghosh Program 17000 

Aghosh Program 17000 

Women are charging 7500 5000 4000 3000 000, in which people are getting messages and even without messages they are calling me to the hospitals and today I also have duty, I also went to the hospital. If you want to withdraw the payment of Aghosh Program 17000 , then today I will give you the details of how you have to get the payment of Agosh Program, how to apply, the beneficiary who takes the payment of Benazir Income Support is also eligible for this and the one who takes the payment without payment i.e. that the one who is not a beneficiary

Eligible Person

I am also eligible for this program, but what is the method of applying for it, how do I get the payment for the program, I am going to give complete details in this video, I will give complete guide, friends, you have to watch the video till the end and Insha Allah. Once you understand the complete details, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel before then definitely subscribe to the channel and also click on the bell icon. Friends, Aagosh program which was earlier named Nasho Numa Program i.e. The Nashonuma Program was earlier now. Its name is Agosh Program. Many people are asking this question.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program

What is the difference between the Aghosh program and the drug-like program, then it is the same thing, earlier different governments had named them according to their own, so now its name is running as Agosh program, so we will also call it Agosh program. The payment of this program is given to those women who are women, that is, those women who are hala and whose child or girl is less than 2 years, the payment of this program is given to those women, that is, the payment comes on account of food, those who have small children, milk. If you are a nurse or a nurse, this payment comes in the middle of your diet, so now you can apply for it.

Aghosh Program 17000 
Aghosh Program 17000


The method is simple, there is no difficulty in applying. When any woman in your house has had a child or is about to have a child, then lady health workers come to your house and they are also the ones who administer polio vaccinations. Apart from that, injections are also required, those who make cards etc. to the children and give them, they come to your house only, so what do they do, the children whose child is older than 2 years or the women who are in poor condition, they come for checkup, ladies. Health workers take all the details together.

ID card Essential

Her name is written on her ID card, her husband’s ID card, mobile number, if the child is born, then she writes down his name, date of birth, etc. and takes it there and gets it admitted in the hospitals. Even when women themselves go to the hospital to get the procedure done, they are given an automatic Andhra scan in which a picture of the child is taken. If the child is already born, if it is not taken, then apart from that, they also get embarrassed. But it depends on the women visiting.

children Update

On those who come from the hospital, whether they get the treatment done or not, whenever any woman like this lady health workers comes to your house, then it is mandatory to demand from her that our children should be added to the Gosh program. It will be a favor to you, so if you ask them, they will definitely get your child added to the Aghosh program. If they don’t get it done, then you should directly go to your nearest government hospital, there they have a formal desk set up. On which it is registered, then you go there and register your child.

Payment done 

It is mandatory to get it done, after that within 10 to 15 days you will get a message that your child’s payment has arrived. You will get a message from number 8267 on which the child’s payment fast tom will be 33500, after that 1000 or 2000 or Rs 1500 comes every month but if you go there again and get your payment done once again, then you will get your arrangement or checkup done, then your entry will be entered again, after that your payment will come again if you want it to happen like this. That we go and get the registration done only once, apart from that our payment continues and remains the same as benzene.

Aghosh Program 17000 
Aghosh Program 17000

Eligibility criteria

When it comes to income support, our two or three installments will come together, so there is no such scene, we will withdraw the one time payment, if we get the entry done again, then the second payment will come, otherwise it will not come, nor does the payment keep getting deposited, now the question is. This is that she is not a beneficiary, she is not even taking money from the Benzene Income Support Program, yet she is eligible for this program. There are many women for whom I withdraw the payment myself and I have already removed those women who take payment from this program. who are not beneficiaries of the Beneficiary Income Support Program If not, then you should also get your children enrolled and get the payment for the Aagosh program. I hope you have understood all these details. Remember in your prayers, take care of yourself, Allah Hafiz.

Final Words

In the Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000  you will get assistance. The volume you are knowledgeable the method of how to register, how to take a look at your eligibility after registration, and how to enter all your details.Apart from this, you can get the Ehsaas Kafalat Program and the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program; of course, our web web page is created entirely to share information, and you can get all varieties of information here.

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