Breaking News: Second Phase of Benazir Income Support Program Payment Start June 2024

Benazir Income Support Program:

The government of Pakistan has decided to release the installments of the Benazir Income Support Program in two phases. are also receiving, but now phase two is going to start in the month of June, which districts will be included in phase two.

List Of Districe of Phase Two 

  • Lahore 
  •  Sheikhupura 
  •  Fault
  • Nankana sir
  •  Faisalabad 
  •  Chinyut
  • Jhang 
  •  Repentance tax 
  •  Bahawalpur
  •  Bahawal Nagar
  •  Rahim Yar Khan
  •  Dadu
  •  Jamshwar
  •  Mithiari
  •   Tando Allah yar
  •  Tando Muhammad Khan
  •  give 
  •  decoration
  •  A joke
  •  choked
  • Khairpur
  • Sukkur 
  • Bannu
  •  Lucky Marwat 
  •  North Waziristan
  •   DI Khan
  •  South Waziristan 
  • Hang on 
  •  Kohat 
  • Nutritional 
  •   Crack

 It includes the districts that are in phase two, besides phase three will also be phase four, they have to build it because there are many districts in which the payment is not started by the government. I have told you about the district. One will continue to run and those who have not yet received their installments in Phase One will be able to receive their installments as before except that this time they will be getting them from the campsite instead of from vendors. You can collect your payment by visiting any of the official campsites or centers

Benazir Income Support Program:
Benazir Income Support Program:

 Women ineligible in BISP:

 Ineligible women will also get this payment, it will be those women who were regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program and they have arranged their dynamic survey and after doing the dynamic survey their PMT score has increased and they This will be the last installment for such women who are disqualified from this program, they will get this installment compulsorily, after that their installments will be stopped and they will be re-surveyed after two years. will become part of and then they will start getting payment again

8171 Web Portal Update 

 All those women who used to receive money from Benazir Income Support Program program but have not done their survey yet, earlier they used to check on 8171 portal and they were told that they are not eligible for Ehsaas Kafalat program. The next survey will be done on this date, so get your survey done as soon as you can, now this is great news for all such women that your data has been removed and now on 8171 web portal. It has been updated again, now as it was written earlier that you are not registered in the dynamic survey, register yourself as soon as possible, then the same payment show you used to show is happening in this episode. You will get it, whether you do the survey or not, you will get the mandatory installment, after that you will not get the payment you have and you will not get the next installments until you do your survey. 

New update for regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program

All such women who have been disqualified from this program and were regular beneficiaries and have done their dynamic survey after which they have become disqualified from this program will get this payment and the women who have children will receive the money. And they will continue to receive them, they will not be stopped, but it is the payment of the young man himself, this will be his last payment, after that, he will not receive the future installments.

Women check up 

 When will the women who are under examination receive their payment? As many women who have done their survey before May 15, their payment will be deposited into their accounts after June 6. It will not start because you know that the budget will be presented on June 6. The budget that will be presented will also increase the amount of the Benazir Income Support Program and also all the women who are under examination. Their payments will also be included and will be presented in the budget, so those women who were worried were under scrutiny for a long time but their payments were not being received. After June, Anna will start in their account

 Women ineligible in BISP
 Women ineligible in BISP