اچھی خبر: بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام 3Types Women Ineligibal| BISP 10500 ادائیگی کا چیک بذریعہ CNIC 2024

Benazir Income Support Program:

Let’s share with M Tarin updates up that all such women who are not doing their dynamic survey now their money is being blocked and their accounts are being blocked from Benazir Income Support Program.

Three categories of women are ineligible for the PISP programme:


 First of all, there are women who are not doing the dynamic survey, they are being removed from this program and their money is being stopped.


 On the second place are those women who do their dynamic survey but after doing the dynamic survey their PM score increases, then due to increase in PMT score they are being disqualified from this program. 


In the third place, all such women who are registering their wrong information while doing their new registration for Benazir Income Support Program or doing their dynamic survey, all such women are also not being included in this program. Women’s pensions are being completely phased out in which all those who are disqualified due to rising PMT scores will have to wait for two years and those who are blocked due to non-conducting dynamic survey. They should refer to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office as soon as possible and such women who have entered wrong information during their new registration in Dynamic Service should also go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office to update their roster. can do 

Benazir Income Support Program
Benazir Income Support Program

Registration started in Benazir Income Support Program: 

 All such people who have their own SIM and ID card and are also married, all such people are requested to go to Benazir Income Support Program office as soon as possible and get registered for Benazir Income Support Program. Because now all such married couples can be part of Benazir Income Support Program who are living in poverty then they can get huge help from the government. Installments can be given and special scholarships will also be issued to your school-going children. New registrations for Nazir Income Support Program are always ongoing. You can go and get your new registration anytime 

Documents required for registration in BISP programme: 

  •  Both husband and wife should have identity cards 
  • Be it a gas or electricity bill at home 
  • May the children be formless 

Dynamic survey update:

 A lot of people are asking this question again and again, bro, the dynamic service has ended, can’t we do our new survey now? The dynamic survey is still going on. The dynamic survey is not over. This survey is never ending, you can take your survey whenever you want, the only thing is that the later you take your survey, the later you will be eligible for the sponsorship program. All those women who have completed their re-survey before June 30 will also be issued the next September installment if they qualify without any further hassle. 

The third phase of Benazir Income Support Program has started: 

 The third and final phase of the latest installment of the Benazir Income Support Program is ongoing, all payments have been sent to the remaining beneficiaries and we also inform you that the ATMs have also been restored from the 15th of the same month. You will also be able to check and receive your payments through ATMs, so all those people who had the problem of changing the district will also have their problem resolved soon after the ATMs are available. Because when taking up payments from ATM then you will not face this problem of district change

Registration started in Benazir Income Support Program 
Registration started in Benazir Income Support Program