Benazir Income Support Program And 8171 Update

Ehsaas Program Update:

To determine your family’s eligibility for the Ehsaas Program, follow these steps: input your 13-digit ID card number (without dashes) into the designated box. Then, enter the code displayed in the picture to complete registration for dynamic adjustment. If deemed eligible, you can access subsidized items at your nearest utility store. Should you wish to verify your ID card with another, select the corresponding option, which will register you in the dynamic registry. Eligibility confirmation will be sent via SMS from 8171. If unresolved, verification is ongoing, requiring patience.

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BISP Payment of 10,500 Rupees:

To check the status of your BISP payment online, consider the following methods:

BISP Website:

Visit the official BISP website, and navigate to a section labeled “Payment Information” or “Beneficiary Status” where you might find details about your payment status.

SMS Service:

Send your CNIC number to 8171 via SMS to confirm your eligibility for the Rs 10,500 disbursement.

For additional assistance, contact BISP directly through their provided contact details or helpline number.

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New BISP Payment of Rs 10,500:

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has rolled out a new tranche in May 2024, offering eligible families a payment of Rs 10,500. This includes both previously screened recipients and individuals added to the list after a recent survey. Disbursements commenced on May 13th, 2024.

Existing Beneficiaries:

If you were already receiving payments from BISP, there’s no need to register again to receive the Rs 10,500 installment, even if you received previous installments of Rs 8,500 or Rs 9,000.

Additional Information:

BISP is a government initiative providing financial aid to low-income families. While registration may be necessary for new beneficiaries, specific details on the process are not provided in the available information.

8171 New Portal for Checking BISP Payment:

The new episode of 10500 is now available on the 8171 portal. You can conveniently check your children’s payments from the comfort of your home. Take a moment to read through this brief post thoroughly; it not only outlines the payment checking process but also explains the procedure for verifying eligibility for newly surveyed individuals or those previously disqualified. To access the portal, simply open Google and type “8171.” Click on the first link displayed, which should direct you to the 8171 BISP portal.