BREAKING NEWS: Benazir Income Support Program New Instalment

BISP’s Latest Update on 10500 New Payment:

An official announcement from the Benazir Income Support Program, Government of Pakistan, confirms that the next installment is scheduled to commence in May. Although the specific timing within May—whether it’ll be in the first or second week—is yet to be confirmed, it’s certain that disbursement will occur during the month. Whether it arrives by the end, middle, or early May, the installment will kick off during this period.

Details of the New Payment:

This upcoming installment under the Benazir Income Support Program will amount to Rs 10,500. Notably, women currently receiving regular support from the program, along with educational scholarships for their children, will also receive the educational scholarships alongside this installment.

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PMT Score Clarification:

Individuals with a PMT score below 32 who are under scrutiny are likely to be eligible for payments. However, despite eligibility, their payments have yet to be credited due to the government’s budget constraints. These individuals are awaiting disbursement once the budgetary situation allows.

Deadline for Dynamic Survey:

Those currently under scrutiny anticipate that their cases will be resolved shortly. However, individuals planning to apply for financial aid in the upcoming year can expect inclusion before that time. There’s no confirmation regarding the cessation of payments prior to a resolution of the scrutiny process.

Impact of Non-Registration in Dynamic Survey:

For women who have not registered or updated their information in the Dynamic Survey, this upcoming installment will be the last one they receive. They have until June 2024 to update their forms. Failure to do so by this deadline will result in disqualification and cessation of financial assistance from the program.


Status Check for Eligibility:

It’s essential for women who have updated their forms to check their status promptly. If upon checking, the status indicates enrollment in the dynamic survey but not eligibility for the program, they will not receive the installment.

It’s crucial to note that updating the form does not guarantee eligibility. Only those women deemed eligible after updating will receive the installment. Ineligible women will be disqualified from the program following this assessment. Therefore, it’s advisable for individuals to check their status regularly to ascertain their eligibility status.