Benazir Income Support Program New Payment Starts

BISP New 10,500 Start

The government of Pakistan has announced that the new installment of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) will be released before May 20. This installment of Rs. 10,500 will be distributed at campsites instead of through HBL Retailers. Here are the key updates:

New Installment Release:

Amount: Rs. 10,500

Distribution Method: Campsite, not HBL Retailer

Release Date: Before May 20

8171 Web Portal

The 8171 web portal will be updated from May 18. Beneficiaries can use this portal to:

Check Payments:

Total Amount: The portal will display the total amount for all regular beneficiaries.

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Payment Calculation: Beneficiaries can calculate and confirm their payments through the portal.

Waseela-E-Taleem Program

The verification process for the children of all eligible women has been completed. The monthly installment for these children will also be released soon:

Verification Completed: For women’s children

Monthly Installment: Will be released following verification

BISP Account Verification

For women who have verified their accounts through the BISP office and have completed the dynamic survey with a PMT score above 32, the new installment will be released:

PMT Score Requirement: Above 32

Verification: Must be completed at BISP office

Final Episode: This may be their last installment.

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Check-Up and Payment Release

Out of 3.4 lakh verified adult women, 1.7 lakh women with a PMT score below 32 and completed verification have been qualified for payments. Their payment list has been submitted to the concerned bank to ensure timely disbursement before May 20:

Verified Adult Women: 3.4 lakh total

Qualified: 1.7 lakh with PMT score below 32

Payment List: Submitted to the bank

Release Date: Before May 20


Installment Release: Rs. 10,500 before May 20 at campsites

8171 Web Portal: Updated from May 18 for payment checks

Waseela-E-Taleem: Children’s installment to be released post-verification

Account Verification: New installment for women with PMT score above 32

Payment List Submission: For 1.7 lakh women with PMT score below 32, payments to be released before May 20

Beneficiaries should check their status on the 8171 web portal and ensure their verification process is complete to receive their payments promptly.

New Updates for Widows

The government of Pakistan has updated the policies for widows receiving benefits from the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). Here are the key changes:

Updated PMT Score:

New Limit: The PMT score limit for widows has been increased to 35.

Disqualification: Widows with a PMT score above 35 may be disqualified from receiving benefits.

Installment Release:

Widows whose PMT score is between 32 and 35 will receive their installments as per the new policy.

Dynamic Survey

Inclusion in Next Installment:

14.15 lakh women whose surveys are completed and are undergoing verification will be included in the next quarterly installment from July to September.

Right to Appeal:

Women disqualified through the dynamic survey have the right to appeal. If the appeal is rejected, they will need to undergo a new survey in 2026, as re-surveys are conducted every two years.

Survey Office Visits:

There is no need for disqualified women to visit the BISP office repeatedly. They can wait for the next scheduled survey in 2026.

Update Regarding New Banking System

ATM Activation:

The ATMs have not been activated for the upcoming installment, so beneficiaries should not visit ATMs for their payments in this cycle.

New Bank Accounts:

Future installments will involve new bank accounts for all beneficiaries. The updated banking system is expected to be in place for the next installment cycle, where all payments will be directly credited to the new accounts.


Widows’ PMT Score Update: Limit increased to 35; those above 35 may be disqualified.

Next Installment for Surveyed Women: 14.15 lakh women with completed surveys will receive installments from July to September.

Appeal Process: Disqualified women can appeal, with re-surveys scheduled for 2026 if needed.

ATM and Banking System: ATMs are inactive for the current installment; new bank accounts will be used in future cycles for direct payments.

Beneficiaries should stay informed through the 8171 web portal and await further instructions regarding their payments and new banking system updates.