Benazir Income Support Program Updates Announced

Have you been disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)? If so, this post is very important for you. The government has introduced some facilities for disqualified individuals, and we will provide detailed information on these. Additionally, for those who have recently registered under the BISP and are under scrutiny, there is good news: their scrutiny is expected to end in September. After this, eligible individuals will continue to receive quarterly installments.

For those who were previously eligible and have recently undergone the dynamic survey, resulting in disqualification, we understand your concern. If the 871 web portal indicates that you are disqualified, it is due to an increased PMT score from the dynamic survey. Unfortunately, once disqualified under these conditions, you cannot rejoin the program.

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Benazir Kafalat 10500:

If there is a chance for re-eligibility, it will be for only one episode. After receiving one installment, you will be completely blocked from the program permanently. Therefore, it is advised not to attempt to rejoin the program due to the high risk involved. However, if you feel entitled, you can submit a complaint via the Citizen Portal app or visit the nearest BISP office to file an appeal. If you genuinely believe you qualify, make sure to register your complaint. If, after further checks, it is proven that you are indeed entitled, you may start receiving payments again. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be reinstated into the program.

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