بریکنگ نیوز: بے نظیر کفالت ادائیگی میں اضافہ | 8171 ایس ایم ایس 2024 وصول کریں۔

Benazir Kafalat Payment Increase:

The new installment of the Benazir Kafalat program is being increased by the government of Pakistan. The budget is being presented in the month of June, which is for the whole of Pakistan. will go or it will be reduced to 135.00 for now, if you go to take up payment, then you will get 10,500 and not 13,000 rupees. In this case, the government can increase your current installment to 13,000 rupees, but you will get it from the next installment. Now your current installment is 10500 rupees, it will continue for now and it will not be increased. It is expected to be increased in the next payment.

8171 messages received:

 You have started receiving messages under the code  8171. The first phase is already underway. The messages have already been received by people in the month of May. Now June has started. You have received the June episode. Now the messages of the second phase have also started. The portal of 8171 has also been updated. Now only the portal has been updated. It has been updated for those who will be in the third phase, the portal of 8171 has not been updated for now. So let us tell you if your payment of 10500 rupees is showing there, it means that your district money has gone, while if there is an old payment showing or children’s old stipends are showing. In which the payments that you have received before, in the month of Ramadan, if the shows that you have received are taking place, then you should understand that the payments of your district have not yet started. They are receiving messages from 8171 of 500 10 rupees, then only you will be shown the installment message. Messages will continue to be received from Monday to Friday and you will also start receiving payment from Monday to Friday. have been received yesterday, the rest are receiving the messages slowly, as soon as the up messages are received, you can go to receive the up payment, if you do not receive the messages, then check your installment on the portal of 8171. If the installment of your district has arrived, you can also go to collect your payment

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Benazir Kafalat Payment Increase
Benazir Kafalat Payment Increase

Receive BISP new payments from the campsite:

The payment is getting full this time too and is coming from the campsites and centers as many schools and colleges as there are specific campsites where you used to receive your payments apart from the shopkeepers because at the shops. So the payment is not being received and you are receiving your payment up at the campsite and centers from there you will be able to go and withdraw your payment. 

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check up:

 Let us tell the examinees that your payment will start after the 15th of June, while those who are ineligible, if they have been disqualified in the same survey, then they should wait for two more years and then apply for the next one. You will be able to qualify yourself in the survey, while those who are eligible have completed the new survey, then their payment will also be released in the month of June. It was supposed to start but because there was a holiday on Saturday and Sunday in between, that’s why the payment will start from Monday