BIG NEWS: 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme Plan for Middle-class families

Middle-class families are grappling with the weight of soaring prices and the challenge of accessing subsidized rations. The absence of Ramazan Sasta Bazaars and the restricted distribution of subsidized essentials solely to a privileged few through the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has exacerbated the quest for affordable necessities. Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope with the launch of the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme, designed to extend vital assistance to middle-class households throughout Punjab.

Key Elements of the 5000 New Subsidy Scheme

Extensive Coverage: Unlike previous initiatives, the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme aims to reach a broader demographic, ensuring a greater number of families can access subsidized rations.
Affordable Essentials: Through this scheme, crucial food staples like wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, and gram flour will be offered at subsidized prices, alleviating the financial burden on households.
Transparent Distribution: The distribution process will prioritize transparency and fairness, guaranteeing that eligible families receive their entitled rations without bias or discrimination.
Accessibility: Steps will be taken to simplify the application and distribution procedures, ensuring that eligible families can easily access the benefits of the scheme.

Eligibility Requirements

The scheme is available to middle-class families residing in Punjab.
Priority will be given to households currently not benefiting from other government subsidy programs.
Applicants must meet specific income criteria to be eligible for the scheme.

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How to Apply for the Rashan Scheme for Middle-class Families:

Check the eligibility criteria for the Middle-class Rashan program:
Visit the 8123 web portal.
Click on the button for criteria details.
If eligible, register by:
Sending your CNIC number to 8123 via SMS.
Receive registration details via SMS.

Impact on Middle-Class Families

The inception of the 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme holds the promise of offering much-needed respite to middle-class families grappling with financial constraints. By granting access to reasonably priced essentials, the scheme endeavors to lighten the load of household expenses and enhance the overall standard of living.


The 5000 New Subsidy Rashan Scheme marks a significant stride in addressing the needs of middle-class families in Punjab. By extending subsidized rations to a broader demographic, the scheme aims to alleviate the financial strain endured by households and enhance overall socio-economic well-being. Looking forward, it is imperative that such initiatives continue to be devised and executed to bolster support for vulnerable communities and foster inclusive growth.