Benazir Income Support Program Installment Payment Update

There are three pieces of great news for July. Firstly, you will receive an amount of ₹10,500 through the BISP ATM Payment. Additionally, the issues faced by those who were under investigation and those with code-related problems will soon be resolved. We will provide detailed information about when the third Marla payment will commence. The most significant news right now is that you will receive an amount of ₹500 at Bajaria ATM.

Benazir Income Support Program

The process of opening ATMs will restart. Previously, collecting money from the Bajaria ATM was not possible due to campsite operations, but now the government and the Benazir Income Support Program have made official announcements that you will be able to receive your payment from ATMs. Starting from July 15th, you can collect your installment from ATMs. Those who have been receiving payments from camp sites will continue to do so.

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ATM Details

Neither the campsites nor the ATMs will stop functioning. Therefore, the Pakistani government is implementing a new system to facilitate cash and easy money transfers. Detailed information will be provided in a future article. Importantly, the third phase will commence soon. The issues faced by those under investigation will be resolved. People under investigation no longer need to go anywhere or pay anyone.

BISP ATM Payment Update

Many people temporarily resolve their issues by paying money, which often does not solve the problem and leads to financial loss. It is advised not to listen to those claiming they can resolve investigation or survey issues. Instead, follow the instructions given by the Benazir Income Support Program. The investigation matters will conclude by September. Eligible individuals will be made eligible, and ineligible individuals will be listed accordingly.

Third Phase

The government has announced the start of the third phase. Payments for the third phase will begin on July 3rd. Beneficiaries can collect their payments from camp sites or through BISP ATMs.