Bike Scheme

Electric Bike Scheme

Finally, online registration for the Electric Bike Scheme has started from the Government of Punjab. In the video, we will share with you all the information to apply online. Know the details about the Punjab Government Bike Scheme which no one has told you yet. In this video of ours, Assalam-Welcome friends, you are watching from the side of the Government of Punjab, 20,000 motorcycles will be given at an easy loan without any interest, many people were waiting for the registration of this scheme to start. 

New Web Portal 

The good news is that online registration has started from the government of Punjab and a c has been started to apply for the electric bike scheme. How can you get a bike without interest, easy and affordable, how much will you have to pay for the down payment? Documents will have to be given from How can you apply? What is the last date to apply? Which company’s bike will you get from the government? Friends, this scheme can be applied only online. If you want to take advantage of this scheme. Complete process of filling the application

Students who live in Punjab and have some education in Punjab can benefit from this scheme. In this scheme, 20000 bikes will be given to the students from the government. This is an education friendly scheme which has been started from the bank of Punjab. Under the scheme, a total of 20,000 motorcycles will be given as Aasan Mahana together without any interest. There are 19,000 petrol bikes. Out of 19,000 petrol bikes, 11,676 male students will get 7324 petrol bikes. Female students will get 1,000 electric bikes. Out of 1,000 electric bikes, 1000 electric bikes will also be given in the scheme.

Degree College and University

700 mails Students will get 300 electric bikes and female students will get 300 electric bikes. In phase one of the scheme, students from Jair Talim Degree College and University will be eligible in these cities. Students from Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi can apply in phase one. In phase two, all the cities of Punjab can apply. All the small and big cities of Punjab will be included in phase two. For this scheme, a subsidy of Rs 1 billion has been given by the government of Punjab. Let’s see the eligibility criteria. Friends, an important thing is written here. More than 8 lakh rupees from across the state. 

Students Opportunity And Lisence

For more Students Opportunity to get their own transport i.e. in phase two of this scheme, more than 8 lakh students across Punjab will get bikes. People who are thinking that this scheme has been started only in five cities, that is all because of the start of phase two. Wait, all the cities of Punjab will be included in phase two. In phase two of the scheme, 8 lakh male and female students will get bikes.

Electric Bike Scheme
Electric Bike Scheme

Eligibility Criteria:

The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years. Degree approved by HEC in college or university. It is necessary to be a proper student and have a valid driving license.Must have a license. Students who do not have a driving license can also apply by getting a learner’s license. People who do not have a license can get a learner’s license from any traffic license branch in a few minutes. Recovery of applications in excess of the free quota. But the quota will be made i.e. currently a quota of 20000 bikes has been kept and if more than 20000 applications are received then the quota will be made among them. You can see on your screen that till now 5817 people have been registered and till now the total 6183 applications have been submitted 5144 applications have been submitted for petrol bikes. 

Petrol Bikes And Payment

1039 applications have been submitted for e-bikes i.e. electric bikes. Here I would like to give an advice to all the Nazarenes that they should submit their applications for petrol bikes because the quota for petrol bikes is more, you can easily avail this scheme. You will get a bike from Rs. 11 days are left to apply for the scheme. The last date to apply for the scheme is 29th April 2024. Only 20000 bikes have been kept in phase one of the scheme. Can one select another bike after submitting the application? Can a student apply for two bikes? Can any brother or sister who is a student also apply or not and apart from this, the answers to all your questions are available here on the web portal, what kind of bikes and which company will be the bikes.I will also show you the monthly repayment plan. You can see the sheet on the screen. This sheet is for estimation, it can also be changed according to the price of the bike. Suppose we say that the price of the bike is Rs 150000, out of which Rs 105000 amount will be financed. You will have to pay equity of approximately Rs 30 which is  Rs 5000 will be made which is the requirement of State Bank of Pakistan, after this there will be processing charges, there will be physical verification charges, there will be legal stamping charges, insurance fees will have to be paid, bike registration charges will also have to be paid, all these charges will be down payment.

Installment Plan

This installment plan will be for two years and 24 months and you will have to pay only 4544 Mahana installment without any interest. You have to follow this process which I am going to tell you how to apply. For the bike scheme which is only for the state of Punjab, Mukhtar himself is riding, first of all type b.j. in your browser. Jov.

How To Apply And Registration

Click on ‘To Apply’, this window will open in front of you. If you have already created an account, then write your CNIC number here, type the password, write the captcha and click on login, but I am sure that your account has not been created yet. To create a new account, click on Register here. A new page will open in front of you. Type your full name for registration. Type your email address. Type your identity card number. After this, select the gender as per the identity card. After this, a strong letter. Re-create the same password below.

Electric Bike Scheme
Electric Bike Scheme

After writing all the information, click on Register. I will quickly register here by writing all the details and will tell you how to fill the application. After registration, this window will open again. Log in here. There are five steps in the application and these It is important to follow everyone, here first of all you have to write the details of the applicant i.e. if you are an applicant, you will write your details here Applied i.e. what are you applying for, do you want to apply for petrol bike or do you want to apply for electric bike. want to apply for Select one of these two options, click on petrol bike, all the companies are written here, out of these, you can take the bike of any company and scroll down, here you can buy the bike of any company as per your choice. You can wait, I click on a petrol bike here because the chances of getting a petrol bike are more and the quota of petrol bikes is also more in the scheme. Click here and select the bike of your choice. I selected CB 150 here. Applicant Personal. Information: First write your name

Registration Process

Enter father’s name Enter mother’s name CNIC number which is already written here Enter date of issue of CNIC Enter expiry date of CNIC Select gender as per CNIC Enter date of birth Whether married or unmarried Write About If you have any children, enter their number Upload your recent passport size photograph Upload the front side image of your valid CNIC Upload the back side image of your CNIC Applicant Contact Information Enter your email address Enter your mobile number. 

After Select which state your domicile belongs to Select your district Select your tehsil Upload the picture of your domicile Enter your current residential address which is available on your CNIC Enter the name of your city Enter the name of the tehsil Enter the name of your district After this, write the name of your province, after this, write the permanent residential address as per CNIC, after this, write the name of the city, write the name of the tehsil, write the name of your district and select your province and if your name appears in the Kura style then here Select whether you would like to collect your bike at a temporary address or you would like to collect the bike from any of your nearest dealership as per your current permanent address Applicant License Information Enter your driving license number Enter the license expiry date Upload the picture of the license and After this, click on Next, the second page of the application will open in front of you. Here you will have to give details of guarantors. In the third step, you will have to understand the education details. In the fourth step, you will have to give references. You can give references to any of your friends or relatives for Bike Scheme.

Electric Bike Scheme
Electric Bike Scheme