Bikes Scheme

Bikes Scheme:

The Bikes Scheme, also known as the Punjab E-Bike Scheme 2024, is a recent initiative by the Government of Punjab in Pakistan [2]. It aims to provide students with a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation by offering electric bikes (e-bikes) at subsidized rates.

BISP Latest Today New Update:

Aslam Alaikum viewers, the government has decided to give you a motorcycle. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has given an Eid gift to the public, in which you are now going to get a motorcycle, a total of one. A subsidy of billion rupees has been kept, if you want to get a motorcycle, then the details will also be told to you, while the distribution of the payment of 10500 rupees is going to be restarted from which day and from where you will get this payment. And those whose children’s stipends have not yet arrived because many people have found out that children’s stipends are not egos, so how long will their children’s stipends be received? Full details will be given to you at that time. The biggest update is the Eid gift given to the public by the government of Pakistan, in which a motorcycle is going to be given to the people. Regarding receiving Rs.100, earlier people could not receive due to rush, now they are waiting for the payment on which day they will be released or children’s stipend with this payment. Children will get their stipend along with the payment. If they have to wait further, let’s clear it. Govt. is going on Eid holidays and the payment of Rs. 10500 has not been released yet. is going because of the little ones but they tell you the date from which day you should go to get the payment and you will get the payment up Jobs are over 10500 installment

Bikes Scheme
Bikes Scheme

Motorcycle Scheme 2024 Apply Online:

But there are some accounts in which children’s stipends are left and they will get them in a few days. In this way, the payment of Rs. 10500 will start again by 15th. Those who have not yet received it. Due to the fact that before Eid, because there was a lot of rush, you will get the payment and you will be able to collect this payment from the up-retailers in the same way. Your age should be more than 18 years. This project is organized by the government. This important step has been taken in collaboration with Bank of Punjab. In this you will have to submit online applications. It is a golden opportunity for more than eight lakh male and female students across the province to get their ride. Effective representation of each district has been achieved according to the population ratio. In which you will get the petrol motorcycle which you will get for students is 11676 while for female students you will get 7324. Yes, it will be kept on a monthly basis as much as you can afford and you will be informed under this, including government colleges and university students, all of them are going to get these motorbikes. There will be two years easy monthly installments in total which you will have to pay if you want to call further on their helpline number they are also telling you the number is Safar042111333267

Bikes Scheme
Bikes Scheme

Bike scheme for students apply online:

It appears you might be interested in the Punjab Bike Scheme for Students in Pakistan. While I can’t provide a direct link due to my limitations, searching for “Punjab Bike Scheme for Students” should lead you to the relevant government website.

Here’s what I found about the program:

  • Eligibility: Must be over 18 and a student at a recognized college or university with a valid learner’s permit or motorcycle driving license.
  • Application: Applications are submitted online through a web portal.
  • Selection: If applications exceed available bikes, a lottery will be held.

Remember, this program is specific to the Punjab province in Pakistan. There might be similar programs in other regions, so searching for “[Your region] student bike scheme” might be helpful.