BISP 3rd Phase

BISP 3rd Phase

Assalam Walekum, respected viewers. Today’s video is concise but crucial. We will cover the ongoing distribution of ₹10,500 under the BISP 3rd Phase. We will address the big question on everyone’s mind: what is the new date for the survey since the previous one has ended? We will also discuss the updates on the 8171 portal, how to check your money, and the complaints people have been reporting from all over Pakistan.

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Distribution of Payments

The third phase of ₹10,500 distribution has commenced, and people are actively collecting their payments. To date, the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has distributed more than ₹8 billion. Over 61 lakh people have collected their payments, with another 38 lakh still to receive theirs. Payment distribution is ongoing at camp sites where a large number of people are rushing to collect their money. However, this hurried process has led to issues such as unauthorized deductions.

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Issues of Deductions

There have been numerous complaints about deductions at camp sites. Previously, people experienced deductions when collecting payments from shopkeepers, but similar issues are now reported at camp sites. In response, the BISP has initiated measures to address these unauthorized deductions. Teams from the Benazir Income Support Farm are being deployed to various camp sites to monitor and take action against those responsible for deductions. If any deductions are found, the responsible person’s device will be confiscated, their name recorded, and the deducted amount will be returned to the affected woman.

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BISP 3rd Phase
BISP 3rd Phase


A significant question is regarding the new date for the survey since the previous date has passed. As of now, no new date has been announced. However, the government has stated that the next installment of payments will not be issued until the survey is completed. People are encouraged to get their surveys done as soon as possible to ensure they receive the next installment. The 8171 portal has been updated, and individuals can check their payments, including any payments for their children, by using their Nakhi card.

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How to Check Your Payments

The updated 8171 portal allows beneficiaries to check their payments from the comfort of their homes. Along with the main payment of ₹10,500, additional wages for children have also been included. To check your payment, you can visit the portal and enter the required information. This updated system aims to provide a more convenient and transparent way for individuals to access their funds.

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In conclusion, the BISP’s third phase is in full swing with ongoing payment distributions. Despite some issues, measures are being taken to ensure fair distribution and address complaints. Stay updated on the latest developments and ensure you complete your survey to receive future installments. We will continue to provide new updates as they become available.

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BISP 3rd Phase
BISP 3rd Phase