BISP 4500 Rashaan Program

BISP 4500 Rashaan Program:

The BISP 4500 Rashaan Program seems to be connected to the Ehsaas Rashan Program, a Pakistani initiative that provides subsidized groceries to low-income families. Here’s what I found:

  • Ehsaas Rashan Program: This program offers a monthly subsidy of Rs. 4500 to eligible families for purchasing essential food items at designated utility stores.
  • BISP Connection: BISP stands for Benazir Income Support Programme, which is a broader social welfare program in Pakistan. It appears that beneficiaries of BISP may also be automatically enrolled in the Ehsaas Rashaan program.

BISP Latest News:

Assalam Alaikum, viewers, we are going to tell you a big update, the schedule after Eid and what is the procedure for receiving payment from the government. I am going to give a very good news update regarding those who have not received money for a long time or have not received it, through which they can be eligible for this assistance program of the government without registration. What is the procedure related to this, or do you have to register online or send a message to 8171? I am going to tell you about the questions of the public viewers in this post. Eligible for the Eid al-Fitr cash program

BISP 4500 Rashaan Program
BISP 4500 Rashaan Program

8171 Check Online 10500:

Eid has passed but they still haven’t received the cash. Regarding this, I am going to share the good news of another program for those families who have been disqualified by the government for not conducting a survey, that is, have you conducted a dynamic survey or Not done, if done, then after entering and checking on the portal, you have been disqualified. How such families will be eligible for the program. Go to the post and give complete details. But when you go to pick it up, they tell you that there is a code ahead, or your money has not yet arrived, and they have to return empty-handed from the retailer’s shop and face disappointment. On the other hand, the biggest update is also getting rid of this thing, forever and ever. Weavers, families who have been disqualified, who are not getting payment. Congratulations, you have qualified. How did the government qualify you? Those who were screened Ata Tha Tha Weavers have been qualified by the government, their installments are going to be released now and these are the households who were screened and whose score was 32 or less than 32 in their payment account. Even though some viewers, if there are such, are still getting ineligible shows or those who are not getting check messages, they should go to their nearest office and fill a form, their installment will be done very soon. It will be started with the same installments, besides those who were included in the Ramadan Naqab Eid Cash program, they also had shows but for some reason they could not take it before Eid, so now it has passed, they can still go. have been able to take their money in their account and at the same time let us inform you of a big and update those families who had done their dynamic survey in the Benazir Income Support Program and that issue was their mobile The mobile number of the number is also going to be updated, the bigger news is that the government is going to open your mobile bank account, the next installment will be in your mobile bank account and also UBL Bank AT. MK is going to be activated first, what about HBL, where there are areas from all over Punjab where Benazir used to get income support installments, she used to get HBL through now UBL also with it. UPL’s throw is also attached and you will get its balance from ATM and the best news is that your account is being opened and you will get direct payment on your mobile account. With this, I will give you one more update. There are many viewers of mine who keep asking how to check children’s scholarships. You have to write an Ehsaas program. There is a government aid program, your payment will be shown there, your children’s scholarships will also be shown there, because there is no other source where you can check these children’s scholarships or any other website. can  Ehsaas Program CNIC Check 25

BISP 4500 Rashaan Program
BISP 4500 Rashaan Program

Ehsaas Rashaan program 8123:

The number 8123 doesn’t seem to be directly connected to the Ehsaas Rashaan Program. The official way to check eligibility and registration for the program is through the following resources:

  • Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online Registration Portal: [Ehsaas program cnic check ON Bisp (] (This website uses Urdu, but you can likely navigate it using the buttons and your CNIC number).

Here’s some additional information about the Ehsaas Rashaan Program:

  • It’s a poverty alleviation initiative that provides financial assistance to buy groceries at a discount.
  • The program targets people below the poverty line, with a focus on women and children.
  • The government of Pakistan implements the program.