Bisp 6000

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is a social safety net program in Pakistan that provides financial assistance to low-income families. The program was launched in 2008 and currently reaches over 7 million families across the country.

The monthly payment amount for BISP beneficiaries varies depending on the family’s composition and location. However, the maximum monthly payment is Rs. 6,000 per family.

Bisp 6000 Monthly Payment:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, today’s post is about Benazir Income Support Program and in it we will tell you about some changes in BSP program. There are many people and families who are BIS. P is part of the program and they are getting continuous support from the BISP program now here is an update. People can get Rs. 6,000 for the children’s stipend. The BISP program which has been set by the government and along with it the children also got 6000 thousand rupees and got an extra bonus of 3000 rupees. Supporting Here is the episode of Zewar education, which is being released by the government, what is the information about Zewar education, it will be shared with you people.

 Bisp 6000
Bisp 6000

Zewar Taleem Program Qist Start:

So, first of all, let me tell you that there are one lakh children here who have been qualified by the government, more so in the BISP program and also among the surveyed families. About three lakh families have been made eligible and these are the people who were not eligible in the earlier door-to-door survey of BISP, but after that when the government started the dynamic registry. Through DynamicRegistry, those who have updated their survey or after that they have registered online, then those people have become eligible and the government has also issued payment to them. The final updates have been released by the government and along with this, the government has issued some important instructions regarding the children’s stipend. The purpose of the government is to work for the welfare of children. Work for the prosperity of the parents, here the changes have been made by the new chair person in the BISP program, the assistance amount of 6000 has been fixed for the girl child and It is important for the parents to follow these instructions. First of all, you are asked to get the survey done, but if you get the survey done, then you are also at a loss here. For example, you get the survey done. And after that your money stops, so families who are taking ready money and who have not been asked to do the survey, I request them not to do the survey if they will do the survey and their poverty score. If it is more than 32, those people will become ineligible. The government has asked those who have any issue of payment or who have kept any money etc. in the bank or they have any property etc. to conduct a survey. If they have done any work, the government is telling them to do the survey of BSP, then if their poverty score would have gone from 32 to Abu. If so, they are fired and they will make the survey mandatory. They will not have any option because they will not get their payment until the survey is done, to whom the government has issued these instructions.

 Bisp 6000
Bisp 6000

Bisp 8171 Online Registration:

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) ** is a government program of Pakistan that provides financial assistance to poor families. Under the program, selected families receive a monthly stipend.

BISP 8171 Online registration is an easy way to join the program. For this, you just need to visit the BISP website or call 8171.

To register on BISP website, you have to follow the following steps:

Visit BISP website
Click on “Online Registration” button.
Enter your ID card number and 8171 code.
Enter your mobile number and email address.
Enter your personal information.
Enter your income information.
Enter your family information.
Submit your application.
To register by calling 8171, you need to follow the following steps:

Call 8171 from your mobile phone.
Select “Online Registration”.
Enter your ID card number.
Enter code 8171.
Enter your mobile number and email address.
Enter your personal information.
Enter your income information.
Enter your family information.
Submit your application.
Required Documents for BISP 8171 Online Registration:

Original and attested copy of Identity Card
Attested copy of mobile number
Certified copy of email address
Certified copy of personal information
Attested copy of income information
Certified copy of family information
Eligibility Criteria for BISP 8171 Online Registration:

The total family income should be less than Rs 30,000.
There should be at least two people in the family.
Identity card of any family member should not be below 18 years of age.
Costs for BISP 8171 Online Registration:

There is no fee.
Duration for BISP 8171 Online Registration:

Applications are always welcome.
BISP 8171 online registration facility is available in the following cities: