GOOD NEWS: BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program Registration

BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program: Online Registration Steps

In a concerted effort to uplift the lives of the elderly population aged 60 and above, the Government of Pakistan has introduced the BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to deserving seniors, aiming to ease their economic burdens. If you’re keen to access economic resources through this program, the following steps will guide you through the registration process.

Online Registration for BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program: To initiate the online registration for the BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program, follow these simple steps:

Visit the official website of the BISP program.

Complete the registration form, providing your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and a four-word code for identification.

Provide your contact number for application eligibility.

Once qualified, you can collect your financial assistance from the local BISP application office.

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Bahimat Bazurg Assistance Process: If you encounter difficulties while obtaining assistance from the local office, follow these alternative steps:

Visit any tehsil office in your vicinity.

Have the representative verify your CNIC.

Collect your resource funds promptly.


New Method Registration for BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program:

The new registration method involves the following steps:

Visit the official BISP program website.

Navigate through the BISP software’s official website.

Enter your CNIC and the provided four-word code.

Await a reply SMS within 24 hours confirming your eligibility.

Upon qualification, retrieve your resource funds from any BISP application office.

Latest Update on BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program:

To stay informed with the latest updates on the BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program and assist those who haven’t received aid, follow these steps:

Check your eligibility status by sending your CNIC to 8171.


The BISP Bahimat Buzurg Program stands as a beacon of support for the elderly in need. Eligible individuals can easily access financial assistance through a straightforward registration process. Whether opting for online registration or the newly introduced method in 2024, this article comprehensively outlines the procedures. If you’re in need and aspire to qualify for financial aid, carefully review the information provided in this article.