Bisp Himat Card

Bisp Himat Card:

The Bisp Himat Card is a program by the Pakistani government that provides financial assistance to certified disabled individuals who are unable to work [1].

Here’s a summary of the program:

  • Financial Assistance: Up to Rs. 7,500 every three months [1].
  • Eligibility:
    • Certified disabled by the Social Welfare Department [1].
    • Unable to work [1].
    • Not employed by the government or private sector [1].
    • Not a recent beneficiary of other government aid programs (Bait ul Maal, Zakat Fund, PSPA, BISP) [1].
    • BISP Poverty Monitoring Tool (PMT) score not exceeding 37 (indicates a certain level of poverty) [1].
    • Up-to-date data in the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Management Information System (DPMIS) including CNIC, address, mobile number, education, and experience [1].
  • Benefits:
    • Besides the financial aid, the Himmat Card program might offer additional services for people with disabilities in the future [1].

Applying for the Bisp Himat Card

I couldn’t find information on how to apply for the Bisp Himat Card. It’s likely that you’ll need to contact the Social Welfare Department in Punjab for more details.

BISP Today News:

Assalam Alaikum viewers once again enrollment is being started again by the government and through this BISP program payments have also been started and these payments will start again from July 20 Naveed Sahib. That he is DG and very good person, he has also done live sessions with people in which he has received calls and people had questions, so he answered very well and he said that enough is enough. There are all the beneficiaries whose payments are stopped or not paid on time, so we have created a separate system for such women and those who have been ineligible before or who were under investigation and Their problem could not be solved, so we advised them to update the survey. If you update the survey, then we will see what you have and then according to the update that is in front. A very good program has been made here and that is that the women who have not received the BSP payment, who received the message of 8171 and went to the center, they did not get the payment or due to some other problem. Their payments were stopped or their payments were stopped due to the survey, so now their payments are being made from July 20 and the purpose of doing them from July 20 is that the other people who have previously were still eligible for the BISP program and the permit holders who had no issues have been paid through Campside.

Bisp Himat Card
Bisp Himat Card

Bisp Himat Card Registration 6000:

So now it’s a very good date for you guys that 20 slice up people are getting money here and also some updates regarding the brave man who is here is the grah mint of Punjab i.e. Chief Minister of Punjab. Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, who had started some programs here in Punjab, one of them was Humat Kar, so now Humat Card is also being made, many friends were asking that we did not get Humat Card If we don’t get money from Himat Card, what is the solution, so here I tell you that what is Himat Card is not for all people, it is only for the specific families, the government is for the specific people. If it has not been started, then there are certain families who will be eligible for this program and they will be given the Hamat Card by the government here. Those who have a very low poverty score and receive Income Spur program payments but are also eligible for the Hemat Card can now qualify for the Hemat Card to anyone within your household. There is a person who comes to Mazuri who has an identity card with a wheelchair, so the government is giving them a courage card and they are given the quota within the government job they have here. Government quota is being given to them 30% then they will be eligible for government jobs and along with that they will also get the money from the government through Himat card and this through Himat card is about Four thousand rupees per month will be given to them and this will be a Hemat card. Where does it come from? but the criteria is different, that is, you will have to go to the office of Baitul-Mal, and if you need to get a certificate, they will tell you that you will need a medical and a certificate. It will be made, but if the identity card of your wheelchair is not made, then the government makes it easy for you, and for this, the people of Baitul-Mal also make it in your certificate and your labor card. He also becomes after that you will be given Himat Card and Punjab Govt  Kisan Card Registration Starts

Bisp Himat Card
Bisp Himat Card

Nigehban Program Online Apply:

The Punjab government has introduced the Nigehban Ramadan Package, an initiative aimed at providing essential support to households across the province during the holy month of Ramadan. The key details are:The Nigehban Ramadan Package offers free Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Riayat and subsidies at utility stores. Eligible households can apply online through the official website.To qualify, applicants must have a Poverty Means Test (PMT) score below 32 and be enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). New applicants can apply through the Nigehban Free Ita Scheme online portal. The eligibility criteria include a poverty score below 30%, monthly income below 60,000 rupees, and no international travel history or registered vehicle. Those meeting these conditions will receive free Ehsaas Rashan Riayat and 30 kg of flour from utility stores. Individuals already enrolled in BISP will automatically qualify, while new applicants must complete the online registration process on the official website. The  launch of the online application process ensures accessibility for eligible individuals to benefit from the Nigehban Package during this sacred time.