BISP Latest Update 9000

BISP has recently announced some updates regarding the disbursement of its various grants and scholarships.

BISP 9000 Grant

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) 9000 grant disbursement for December 2023 has commenced. Beneficiaries can withdraw their cash grant through ATM cards or designated cash points.

BISP Thalassemia Wazifa

The BISP Thalassemia Wazifa program provides financial assistance to children suffering from Thalassemia. The program provides a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000 to eligible children. Applications for the Thalassemia Wazifa program are currently closed.

Latest News

Here are some of the latest updates from BISP:

  • BISP has launched a new mobile app for beneficiaries to track their grant disbursements and update their information.
  • BISP has partnered with the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to provide easier access to cash grants for beneficiaries.
  • BISP has increased the stipend for the BISP Thalassemia Wazifa program from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000.

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BISP Thalami Wazifa Today News:

BISP Thalami Wazifa is a conditional cash transfer program launched by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) in 2012 to promote education among children of BISP beneficiaries. The program provides cash incentives to families who enroll their children in school and keep them in school. To be eligible for BISP Thalami Wazifa, children must be enrolled in a government or private school and must be between the ages of 5 and 18. Children must also be attending school regularly and maintaining a certain level of academic performance. The amount of cash incentives provided under BISP Thalami Wazifa varies depending on the grade level of the child. For children in primary school (grades 1-5), the incentive is Rs. 1,000 per quarter. For children in secondary school (grades 6-10), the incentive is Rs. 1,500 per quarter. And for children in higher secondary school (grades 11-12), the incentive is Rs. 2,000 per quarter. BISP Thalami Wazifa has been successful in increasing enrollment and attendance rates among children of BISP beneficiaries. The program has also helped to reduce dropout rates. To apply for BISP Thalami Wazifa, families can visit their local BISP office or register online at the BISP website.

BISP Latest Update 9000
BISP Latest Update 9000

BISP New Update 2023:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers are at your service with the latest and new update of Kafalat program. Viewers There are many people who have repeated comments that how can we check the money, have we received money in our account or not? Viewers. There are many people who are going around the retail shop but after going there they find that our money has not arrived yet, so in today’s post we will tell you three different methods through which you can You can check whether you have received the money sitting at home or not and in addition to this post you will also be told that all such people who are eligible for the sponsorship program but now their payment is still in their account. If not, when will their payment be credited to their account and also there are many people who want to know about the child benefits if they have not received the child benefits in our account yet. All the details will be shared with you in this post

BISP Latest Update 9000
BISP Latest Update 9000

BISP Latest Update 9000:

The biggest news of today is going to be delivered to you by the Kafalat program, the distribution of installments continues in all the small and big cities of Pakistan. There are about 2 million families who have received their installments from the Kafalat program A total of 93 lakhs have been taken, who are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program. The installment is being transferred serially to the accounts of all the people. Yes, if you are eligible for kafalat program and are a regular beneficiary, first you get installments, they are newly eligible, then installments will be issued to you compulsorily, you don’t need to worry about this. People who have been asking about checking the installments can you tell us any method by which we can check from home whether we have received our money in our account or else tell us three different methods. Going through which you can check the money sitting at home whether we will get the money or not

BISP Latest Update 9000
BISP Latest Update 9000

BISP Thalami Wazifa:

The first number will tell you most people know 8171 web portal where you can find your information by typing your ID card whether you are eligible for the sponsorship program or not by checking the regular beneficiary. Sometimes it happens that even regular people are disqualified, so they check out and go to get their money later and the second method is to go to the retailer shop that you have. It is the nearest one, you can get it checked with the original ID card, if your money has been received, then the installment will be issued to you, and on the third number, you will be provided with a link to a portal through it. You can also check if your PMT score is less than 32 then money will be issued to you, if it is above then you will not be eligible for sponsorship program. These are the three methods that have been mentioned by the government, there is no other method through which you can check exactly how much money has come into our account and other than those who If you want to know about the stipends, then let’s clear you, this time, no payment has been made in the account of any employee, you will be informed when the payment will be made.

BISP Latest Update 9000
BISP Latest Update 9000

BISP New Payment:

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has released the first quarterly installment of Rs. 7,000/- of Benazir Kafalat for the year 2023 from Monday, September 18, 2023. About 7.7 million families would receive over Rs 55 billion in the first tranche.

To check your BISP payment status, you can:

  • Send an SMS to 8171. Type your 13-digit CNIC number and send it to 8171. You will receive an SMS reply with your payment status.
  • Check online. Go to the BISP website and enter your CNIC number to check your payment status.
  • Call the BISP helpline. Call 8171 to speak to a BISP representative who can check your payment status.

If you are eligible for BISP payments but have not received your payment, you can contact the BISP helpline or visit a BISP office for assistance.

New payment option:

BISP has also launched a new payment option for beneficiaries, called the Benazir Social Protection Account (BSPA). The BSPA is a bank account that is specifically designed for BISP beneficiaries. It offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Free bill payments
  • Free online banking
  • Higher interest rates

To open a BSPA account, you can visit any HBL branch. You will need to bring your original CNIC and a copy of your BISP payment slip.

Once you have opened a BSPA account, you can choose to receive your BISP payments directly into your account. This will allow you to access your money more easily and conveniently.

Please note that the BSPA is optional. You can still receive your BISP payments through the traditional methods, such as cash-over-the-counter or through a bank account.