BIG NEWS: BISP New Installments Released From Today

BISP Begins Disbursing 10,500 Payments:

The second phase of disbursements under the Benazir Income Support Program is set to commence in May, with payments scheduled to start from the following week. Alongside regular beneficiaries, children enrolled in the sponsorship program from January to March will also receive their entitlements. Any previously withheld amounts from the scholarship program have now been released into respective accounts. Beneficiaries are advised to verify their eligibility at nearby payment centers before accessing payments through the 8171 web portal. Additionally, pending stipends for children will be disbursed, and all withheld payments, whether for sponsorship or education stipends, will be released alongside the new installment.

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PMT Evaluation for Benazir Income Support Programme:

June will see a reassessment of eligibility for the Benazir Income Support Program, with only qualifying individuals retained. Participants who initially joined for specific reasons or whose PMT scores have improved may be removed if they no longer meet the program’s criteria, defined as having a PMT score below 32.

Incorporating Persons with Disabilities into the Benazir Income Support Programme:

Persons with disabilities possessing a disability certificate and identity card are eligible for inclusion. Those whose PMT scores exceed the standard limit of 32, with a special provision extending the threshold to 37 for this demographic, are ensured participation in the program.

Inclusion of Government Employees:

Government employees earning a monthly salary below 60,000 rupees have been incorporated into the program. Their PMT scores remain unchanged, and those falling within this salary bracket will remain eligible, while others will be disqualified.

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Dynamic Survey Deadline:

Participants failing to complete the dynamic survey by June 30, 2024, risk removal from the program, irrespective of their PMT score of 32. Individuals who have been receiving payments for approximately three to four years must undergo re-survey procedures before the aforementioned deadline.

Implementation of a New Banking System:

The introduction of a new banking system, anticipated to commence by month-end, is expected to restore ATM services. However, the implementation will not be phased; instead, it will be rolled out before the next installment cycle. Once operational, beneficiaries will receive their installments through ATMs under the new banking framework.