Bisp new payment 10500 start

Bisp new payment 10500 start:

I understand you’re interested in the new BISP payment of 10,500 PKR. Here’s what I can tell you based on information available online as of February 4, 2024, 9:52 PM PKT:

Recent Developments:

  • The caretaker government of Pakistan has reportedly released the funds for the new BISP payment, increasing the amount from 9,000 PKR to 10,500 PKR per month.
  • This increase aims to support low-income families facing economic hardship.

BISP  Latest Today News:

Assalam Alaikum Viewers are at your service with the latest and new update of Benazir Income Support Program. Viewers would like to tell you in today’s post that there are a large number of people who were waiting for episode 8171 and finally the wait is over. It is done. The first quarter installment of 2024 has arrived. People’s accounts have also started to be transferred. So, this time, the government has increased the installment. The installment of Rs. 10500 is in the account of the people, but this is the case. It is yet to be confirmed as many people want to know whether the episode has been released for all or only for selected families and also whether people from 8171 have been messaged. If the people of the episode have not received the message from 8171, then what should they do? We will share all the details with you. There are almost families who are poor and deserving to whom installments are released every quarter, respectively, in the same way, new installments have been started by the government. The quarterly installments of all the families who are eligible for the Benazir program, which is the first quarterly installment of 2024, have been credited to the accounts of the people, so there are many people who are worried about this. That we have not received a message from 8171, is our installment received or not, we should go to collect the installment, the retailer shops will be open, so let’s clear the waivers, this time, the new installment has been added by the government. In the previous post, you have also been told that your payment has been increased by 1500 from the government, which is a lot of program installment to Benazir Income. Not even taking a rupee, and apart from that, the installment of the education scholarship has increased, the installments of the Ehsaas Nashonuma program have increased, which means that all the related programs of the Benazir Income Support Program have increased. has increased

Bisp new payment 10500 start
Bisp new payment 10500 start

Bisp new payment 10500 start 2024:

Viewers, let’s clear you, this time the installment of 10500 rupees will be released to all the families, but those who have not received the message from 8171, they will also tell you what to do, but before that. Let’s clear you up, this time the first pilot phase has been started by the government because before each episode, payment transfers and checks are done to about 10 to 15 lakh families under the pilot phase by the government. 15 to 20 lakhs or 10 to 15 lakhs from the government for checking whether the transaction process is being completed, people are getting the money correctly from the retailer shop or there is any kind of error. A payment of 10500 rupees has been transferred to about 100,000 families. So far, the confirmed update is that the payment has been transferred to the people of Lodra district. That your payment of Rs.10500 has been transferred to your account, that if you have received the message from 8171, then you do not need to worry, go and collect your installment from the nearest retailer shop. An installment of Rs 10500 will be received from Gay or HBL Connect Shop and apart from this, many people also want to know about the children’s stipends, who could not get the stipends last time. Scholarships will continue and also keep clearing up those who have not received message from 8171 then what should they do then keep clearing up viewers if you have not received message then there is no need to worry because now The pilot phase has been started. Inshallah, after a week, the new episode will be started regularly 8171 Ehsaas Web Portal Register Online By CNIC

Bisp new payment 10500 start
Bisp new payment 10500 start

8171 Ehsaas Program Rs.25000:


To be eligible for financial assistance of Rs 25,000 under the Ehsaas Programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:
He is a citizen of Pakistan.
Their family income should be less than Rs 45,000.
They should not be in any government job.
They should not own a car or a motorcycle.
They should not own any agricultural land.

How to Apply

To apply for Ehsaas Programme, applicants have to do the following steps:
Visit the Ehsaas program website.
Download the application form.
Complete the application form and submit it along with the required documents.
Documents required to be submitted along with the application form

Applicant’s National Identity Card
Proof of family income
Certificate of non-government employment
Certificate of no car or motorcycle
Non-agricultural land certificate

Selection process

Applications for the Ehsaas program will be selected by the Ehsaas program management.
Selected applicants will be notified through SMS on their mobile phone numbers.

Method of Payment

Under the Ehsaas Programme, a financial assistance of Rs 25,000 will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of selected applicants.
For more information

For more information about Ehsaas program, applicants can contact Ehsaas program website or Ehsaas program helpline number 121.

Important Dates

The last date for submission of applications for the Ehsaas program is 31 March 2024.
Funding will be disbursed to selected applicants in June 2024.