Sat. May 25th, 2024
آج کا تازہ ترین اپڈیٹ BISP نئی ادائیگی 13 مئی 10500 ملنا شورو 2024

BISP New Payment:

Viewers, the big news is that the government of Pakistan has made a final announcement to release a new installment of Rs 10500 from May 13. The new installment will start at Rs 105. Along with this installment, children’s education scholarships will also be released.

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8171 web portal:

 Before receiving your payment, you should also check your ID card number on the portal of 8171 so that you don’t have any problem that your payment has not been received and when you go to receive your payment, make your payment first. Check it out

The announcement of the May installment from the camp side by the government of Pakistan:

The government of Pakistan has given a big update regarding the payment of the new installment. The place of payment has been changed by the government. This time the payment will be issued from different centers. They have been in different schools and colleges and will be able to go up and withdraw their payments from there. Earlier it used to be that the number of women was increasing because there were women who did not have money even then. She used to come to those whose money had already been paid, she also used to go to the centers or deliver them to the places where the money was withdrawn. When you enter, you will first be given a token of your payment, in which you will also be checked to see how much payment you have made. If your payment has not been made, then you will be sent back, those who have received payment, then make a payment token and note there that your payment has been received and go and collect it from the BISP representative. People are also included who are regular beneficiaries, they get money from earlier, they will also get money this time.

BISP New Payment
BISP New Payment

 New update for women with 938 error:

All such people who have either got their code in the error of 938, if their code is not got in the first place or they have repeatedly matched their fingers and put their own in the error of 938. Now, at least 60% of such women will get the new payment of Rs 10,500 if they have not received the previous payment.

Women taking the new survey:

 Now let’s talk about all the women who are involved in the investigation, which has been for two months, who have gone to the investigation in the early days, then they will know in the month of June that the government will Eligible or disqualified

Women under scrutiny:

  Those people who have been examined and it has been two months and their process has been completed, they will also get a payment of Rs 10500 this time.

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Disqualified persons:

  There are also people who are incompetent, so for those who are incompetent, the government of Pakistan has not said that you should go to receive your payment, but the government of Pakistan has announced for them that you should go to your PM. Reduce the PT score only then you can be eligible for your payment, so these were some important things that we have conveyed to you, whosoever are the payment takers, this should be conveyed to them because most of the people. Who doesn’t know who will get paid and who won’t? We have shared that important information with you.

 New update for women with 938 error
 New update for women with 938 error


The BISP program is starting to receive money and the complete details about which people will get this money, we have told you in this article. If you want to know about your payment, then this article. Read carefully. Apart from this, Benazir Scholarships will also be given along with it. Benazir Education Scholarships aim to provide better education to the children of poor and deserving families so that they can improve their quality of life.