تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ: BISP نیا Qist فیز 2 1 جون 2024 سے شروع ہوگا۔

BISP New Qist Phase 2 start:

Phase Twocom will start meeting from June, which means Phase Two payments will start from June 1 and which areas will be included in Phase Two, they also share with you.

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List of Divisions of Phase Two:

  •  Lahore 
  • Faisalabad
  •  Bahawalpur
  •  Hyderabad
  •  Sukkur 
  • Bannu
  • DG Khan
  •   Kohat 

All these divisions are included in phase two. Remember that I have told you the names of the divisions. In all the districts of these divisions, the phase two installment of the Benazir Kam support program will be started. Now let’s talk about when the phase two installments will start, will the phase one installments stop or not? Don’t load whenever phase two starts, phase one episode will also continue, don’t worry if you haven’t taken money yet, don’t worry, all the money before the phase starts. If you take it, there will be no such problem. You can take the installment of phase one up to three months. Phase one will also continue and phase two will also be started at the same time. 

BISP New Qist Phase 2 start
BISP New Qist Phase 2 start

Dynamic survey update:

 All such people who were disqualified from this program are those who did not do their dynamic survey, so who will or will not get such people in phase two? You were being messaged on the number that you should update your form, that is, you were receiving money earlier and you were being asked to do your survey in UpDynamic so that if your financial conditions have improved. So your money will be stopped if your economic conditions are not fixed then you will continue to get payment in the next three years but many people have not done their survey then the money of all such people has been stopped by the government of Pakistan. People who have not registered in APNA Dynamic and those people who are checking their status on APNA 8171 portal and they are getting data show that your survey is on such and such date, all those people have been stopped. People are saying that if we go and update our form now, we will start getting money. There is nothing like that if once the money is blocked then you have to wait for two years to get the survey done. And after three to four months after conducting the survey, your verification is done and your economic conditions are seen and if you meet the Benazir Income Support Program criteria, then you are sent a message of eligibility and you will be eligible and if you do not meet the criteria in this program you will be disqualified from this program

New update for check up ladies:

 In phase two, the installment of the people who have been examined will not come, so let us tell you that the installment of those who have been examined has not been received yet, so we have only paid the money of those people who have been under examination for a long time, that is, those who At least five months have passed, the installment will be released only for those people. All those people who have been under scrutiny for a long time are requested to check their payment through the device once as the phase-two phase continues.

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Dynamic survey update
Dynamic survey update