BISP New Update 2024

BISP New Update 2024

All the men have started getting Rs 5000 as Eid gift but many people are not able to check that how can we check whether the money has come in our account or not but first of all I will give you the proof as always. Let me show you whether it is really true how to deposit ₹ 5000000 in people’s account and what is the method and you people have transferred this ₹ 5000000 through your mobile, those people who have been under investigation for a long time or those who have just got the survey done and that We are investigating when their kiss will come, a big update has also come about it and you have BISP New Update 2024.

Gift Hampers

Let me tell you that on behalf of the government of Pakistan, it has been announced to give 50 lakh gift hampers to the new people and the method of its registration has also been introduced and in many areas, Rs. 0000 is also being given as Eid gift of all these things. I will tell you about it but first of all I will show you the evidence whether it is really ₹ 5000000 from the government or not, so let’s move towards the evidence so you can see the people who are taking money from the Benj It Come Support Program. 

ID card number

They know this is a screenshot of the device, you guys can see the name on it Ghulam Ali Koori and his ID card number is also written in half and below you can see the amount that he has taken ₹ 1000 and now you must be convinced that the men are really getting the amount of ₹ 1000 that is due to them. In the details of this video, I will tell you which people are getting it, in which areas and also when will the complete details of the people under investigation be available. Share it with you in this video and at the same time I will tell you how. You people are getting this ₹ 5000000 through your mobile in the areas and how can you check whether the money is in your account also.

BISP New Update 2024
BISP New Update 2024

PMT score

We will also tell you about whether those who have come or not and who are getting it and what is the method of registration in it. First of all, let us tell you that the scope of BSP has been increased by the government of Pakistan, now many new People have also been included in this. In this, only those people have been included whose PMT score will be less than 32 and all such people who have got themselves registered till now and are under investigation, that is, they have got registered at least. Three to four months have passed and the installment of all those people will come in the beginning of April and

Benazir Income Support Program

There are many people who have become NIL, although they were entitled, but they are not able to understand why they have become NIL, the basic reasons for this can be two, either their PMT score is high or they have traveled somewhere. Now let’s talk that many people are not getting the amount of ₹ 000, although they used to collect money from Benazir Income Support Program, but still their men are not getting the amount of ₹ 000, so remember that all such women who are She has collected more than ₹1,500 from the Income Support Program and gave this ₹5,000,000 to her men.

Installment Process

This is the only installment of ₹ 5,000,000 that the men of all those women have received, that in the coming days, many more assistance programs are being issued by the government of Pakistan. This type of website will open in front of you. Remember, this website is very busy, so do not worry, it will take some time. First of all, let me tell you how to check your name so that you can apply for this program. L or not, then you people can see that here, when this kind of website will be completely opened in front of you, okay here you guys have to click on the beneficiary platform, okay and this is what you guys will see here. You will get three languages: English, Urdu, Sindhi. Whatever you understand, please click on that.

BISP New Update 2024
BISP New Update 2024

And here you have to write the card number below, okay card number, you can write any one which you guys want to check, so I am writing this as a sample by writing the card number here and here you guys have to click on search. It’s okay, you people will click on search here, it will take some time, so before that you people have to read the instructions from below that this platform has been created only for those people who are interested in Silap. I am telling you again and again that this amount is only for those people who were not satisfied with Silap, i.e.

Check Your Status

This amount is being given to those people whose houses had collapsed due to the flood. Apart from this, no other people can participate in it or you people check your status from 11 71. You will get this. It is shown that you have a household for this program, you are registered in this way, your status is shown, this platform is only for those people, if you people, how to check the amount of ₹ 5000000? You can also get it checked from your device. Apart from this, you can also interface with the office of BISP New Update 2024.You can get the check done from there you will know that your money has arrived, if not then thanks for it.