Sat. May 25th, 2024
بی ایس پی کی نئی اپ ڈیٹ اپریل کی ادائیگی 10500 | 5000 بی ایس پی راشن پروگرام 2024

Bisp New Update April Payment 10500:

Assalamualaikum to friends, from Monday, the process of payment is being restarted for all people, those who have not been able to receive the payment yet will be able to receive it, and waves of new charges have started, while the rations There has been a big news regarding the program, is the ration program still being run and how can you receive the ration up to five thousand rupees? The first installment of 10500 rupees is being restarted once again. Those who have already received the payment will now have to pay for the second dis. The first type of five hundred rupees is going to meet them again from Monday BISP 13500 New Qist

latest news for new survey:

For those who want to take their new survey, the latest news for them is that they are being re-qualified immediately, 90 to 95 percent of people are being re-qualified while five There are 10 percent of such people, since they are being added to the list of non-eligible people, those who were receiving money earlier do not need to worry. Messages are also being received and checks can also be done on the up portal in the same way. Good news for those who are charged is that it has been three months or one month before Eid. After the survey has been conducted, such people are now being included in the eligible list. Within two to three days, a new list will be prepared by the government in which those who have been charged will be included in the eligible list. will

Bisp New Update April Payment 10500
Bisp New Update April Payment 10500

Ration Program Update:

 You may also have your name in it, while you are still getting a ration of 5 thousand rupees from the government. But now the relief has been reduced a little, but this subsidy has not been stopped. At least you are getting a ration up to five thousand rupees and maximum you can take as much as you want up to 10 thousand 15 thousand rupees. You can get ration, you can also receive it, only you have to have an identity card and you have to take it to the utility store in your nearest city, from there you are being given ration at discounted rates. If the score of people is up to 40 then they will get ration compulsorily