Bisp Online Registration

Bisp Online Registration:

There are two main ways to register for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP):

  • Online: Visit the official Ehsaas website ( and navigate to the relevant program page. You will need to create an account and provide basic information. This is the recommended method.
  • Ehsaas Centers: These centers are located across Pakistan and can assist with registrations. Contact information for the centers can be found on the Ehsaas website.

BISP Latest Today News:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, mobile registration service has been started for the convenience of the people. 10500 or they have not yet registered and have not completed their survey under the 8171 survey program even though they are repeatedly being shown messages on the 8171 portal that you have completed your survey. Get it done, your date will be over, then the trouble of going to the office is over for such people, now your house will be surveyed, complete details will be given to you, the new update of Benazir Income Support Program is here, Government of Pakistan. Now your registration is going to be done sitting at home, many women used to go around the office and due to the rush there, they could not be served, including people whose ID card was newly made. But they wanted to get registered, but in the end either a bribe was demanded or even if the survey was done, it was too late, now the month of Ramadan is going on and there is a lot of trouble and difficulty. That’s why a big step has been taken by the government that now your registration will be done sitting at home and those who want to do their new registration will not need to go to the office.  BISP 8171 Portal

Bisp Online Registration
Bisp Online Registration

Bisp Online Registration 2024 At Home:

This initiative was taken earlier by the Government of Pakistan under the Benazir Income Support Program, various vans will come to your area and register you there only. A large number of more vans have also been prepared and they will also come to your area and serve you so that you can register your children there and register yourself first. It was started, only Balochistan province was getting this relief, but now the people of Punjab can also benefit from it and these vans have started in Punjab too. Registration under the Income Support Program has already started, while in the same way the registration will be started in Lahore, then in Faisalabad, then in Bahawalpur area and finally in Rahim Yar Khan. Registration will be done, so you will not even need to go to the office. This process has already started and these vans will be sent all over Pakistan and the team of Benazir Income Support Program will register you. Only these people will register. Whose identity card will be created, after registration, you will be checked, then after passing the check phase, you will be eligible and you will also be able to receive the installment of Rs. 10500  BISP Payment

Bisp Online Registration
Bisp Online Registration

BISP Registration check by CNIC:

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to directly check your BISP registration status by CNIC online. However, there are two options to see if you might be registered:

  1. 8171 Web Portal: The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) uses the 8171 code for various purposes. You can visit the 8171 Web Portal ( and enter your CNIC number along with the provided code. This will tell you if your family is potentially eligible for BISP.

  2. SMS to 8171: Alternatively, you can send an SMS with just your CNIC number to 8171. You’ll receive a reply message indicating your family’s eligibility status for the program.

Important points:

  • Even if the checks above suggest eligibility, it doesn’t confirm your registration.
  • These methods only provide initial information.
  • To confirm registration or complete the process, you might need to visit an Ehsaas center. You can find contact information for these centers on the BISP website (