BISP Payments increased

BISP Payments increased:

Yes, BISP payments were recently increased by 25% according to the Benazir Income Support Programme website [Benazir Income Support Programme]. This means the quarterly stipend went from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 8,750. The increase was approved by the BISP board in FY25.

BISP Latest Today News:

Aslam Alaikum viewers have come to your service with the latest information regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. This post is going to be very important for those who are going to receive this new installment of the Benazir Kafalat Program because today In this short post we will also inform you about some of the most important instructions before taking the new installment of Benazir Kafalat program and there are many people who used to take installments but now their installments are getting stopped. We will also talk about the people whose installments are being stopped and along with this there are some people who had done the survey but these people were waiting to get the installment for a long time, so these people There is good news for that there are some people who have been included in the Benazir Kafalat program this time and money has been received in their account. Along with this, we will also tell you how to check the installments. There is also a great news that the installment of Benazir Kafalat program is being increased. How much will it be increased and when will it be increased? are lying in the account, will they get 13 thousand rupees instead of 10500 rupees or not, we will share some of the most important information with you. but now their installments are being stopped, so often such people repeatedly ask that we used to get money earlier, this time our money has been stopped, what is the reason, we do not understand, so first of all please understand this. Benazir Income Support Program has some rules of regulations, terms and conditions, following which people are eligible for Benazir Income Support Program. If the score exceeds 32, they become ineligible for BISP because currently Benazir Kafal and Benazir Education Wazifa programs are major programs of Benazir Income Support Program, so now they are not eligible for these programs. Therefore, you must have a poverty score below 32. If your score goes up, you become ineligible.

BISP Payments increased
BISP Payments increased

BISP Payments increased for 13000 New Update 2024:

Also, if your poverty score is below 32, you may still be ineligible, but some conditions are that if you have a vehicle registered in your name, a car, etc. or any such vehicle. is registered in your name or you take an area and get it registered in your name or you have a bank account in your name and make a transaction up to 10 lakh rupees from it, then in these cases Even if your score is below 32, these conditions were followed earlier too, but slowly some people were disqualified, so after taking two or four episodes, these people were disqualified. It used to be done, that is, there was no immediate action on it, so now those who do not meet these conditions, that is, a vehicle area or a transaction, do something like this, or the score exceeds 32, then they People are disqualified immediately due to the same reasons, this time a lot of people are disqualified, so those who are disqualified due to these reasons should wait for the next survey. It means that the date will be given after re-survey by BISP, because dynamic survey is going on at that time, so dynamic survey is updated after every two years, maybe you can get your survey done at that time. If you have already done the survey and you have been disqualified, then you will be able to do the survey again after the same date of 2026.

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BISP Payments increased
BISP Payments increased

Bisp payment check:

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) offers financial aid to qualifying Pakistani households. There are two main ways to check your BISP payment status:

  • Online: You can visit the official BISP website at and look for a section on checking payment status. This might involve entering your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number.
  • Phone: BISP may also have a phone number you can call to inquire about your payment status. You can find contact information on the BISP website.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • BISP payments are sometimes referred to as Ehsaas Kafalat payments.
  • The program name might be slightly different depending on your location (e.g., Gilgit-Baltistan or Azad Jammu and Kashmir).

If you’re unsure about how to check your BISP payment status, I recommend visiting the BISP website or calling their helpline for the latest information.