آج کی بڑی تازہ کاری: BISP فیز 3 کی ادائیگی 2024 سے شروع ہوئی۔

BISP Phase 3 Payment started:

All the government employees and their wives who take money from the Benazir Income Support Program is bad news for all these women and it is also bad news for these men because the recovery of the Benazir Income Support Program has started. As many as there are government employees, if your wives have recently taken all the installments of the Bezai Income Support Program, all the money they have taken, start collecting the money negatively, because all the money you have received. You will have to pay the same money again to the government or it will be paid from your pension or it will be recovered from the salary you get, so all those people have a notice from the government. have been issued by them which will soon be their notice, they will have to answer and return whatever money they have received.

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8171 Via SMS:

There is a big update for all the women who had completed the survey before June. There is good news for all the women. From July 15, your Shakhti cards will start updating as many women as are checked in the Benazir Income Support Program. I am The card of all these women will be disqualified, a message will be shown on 8171, or the number that was submitted during the registration at that time, SMS ID will be sent to that number. From July 15, you will receive the SMS Anna you have

BISP Phase 3 Payment started
BISP Phase 3 Payment started

The government of Pakistan started receiving money from bank ATMs:

 The ATA which is from July 15 is also going to be restored. All the women who had the problem of 933 had to go to other districts to receive their money. This was also announced by the government for all these women. Naveed Akbar, director of BISP, Benazir Income Support Program, has said that the ATMs which are there from July 15 will also be restored, new clusters have also been added, and Jazz Cash is also included in it. Punjab Bank is also included, Al Falah Bank is also included, so what is in the money will be distributed among them, and what is there, payments will also be started on their devices, and that will also happen in the month of July. And all the women who go to the camp side to collect money can go and collect their money

Phase 3 episodes will start from July 3:

In Phase 3, I will tell you the areas they belong to, Multan Leh, etc., which is Muzaffargarh. They can also check their ID card on the 8171 web portal and you will start receiving messages whether it is today or tomorrow. Phase three is starting and all the people who worked in the invisible income support program have also been given their duties, which are phase three, so now the hours you were waiting for are over, phase three is over. It will start from today or tomorrow because all the women in their accounts have been deposited in their accounts in Phase 3 and their children have also been paid and their payments have also been deposited in their accounts. It has been deposited, you can go and collect your money as soon as the camp side is open.

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The government of Pakistan started receiving money from bank ATMs
The government of Pakistan started receiving money from bank ATMs