Bisp Registration 8627 

Bisp Registration 8627 

Get help up to Rs 30,000 only through your identity card. Government of Pakistan has started a new Bisp Registration 8627 across the country, that too only with your identity card. The people who will join this program will get the amount up to Rs 300, which will be given by the government. The complete details of this will be given in today’s video and here let me also tell you that apart from the ration for the people, the government has also announced a new relief package which is The government has released a huge amount so that it will continue for the whole year.

CNIC Card 

And along with this, the government has also waived off a new program of Rs. 30,000. The programs brought before this were of Dubai level but now the program that has been brought is a program of loyalty to power and from the whole of Pakistan. All Pakistanis have the right to apply in this program. Those who will apply now will be Ahil, they will get Rs. 0000 here and that too only through Shanakhti  Card. Do not forget to watch the complete method. Those who will watch this complete video here will get the exact information. will get and after that when they apply then we hope that they will get Oil. At present many projects of the government are going on but this is the only project which has now been announced by the government of Rs. 0000, Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif. This announcement was made on behalf of Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif. A new card is also being announced. This card will also give you a huge benefit, along with the payment of BISP program, it will also save you time. But here there is also an update for the women with reference to the BISP program and my request to them.

BISP Program

Also, if you want to take help from BISP program, then you should not make this mistake which I will share with you in today’s video. If you make any such mistake then your name will be called. You will not be included in the BSP program for 2 years. You can go wherever you want, then you will not get money in the BSP program. The government has started a survey in the BSP program and an announcement has come out that the June is June. Before the end of the month, you have to try to complete your survey again.

Bisp Registration 8627 
Bisp Registration 8627

Survey Completed

Get it done, when you people get the survey completed, then after that your help will be continued. Otherwise, if you do not get the survey done, then your help will be stopped. Now here is the mistake you make. This is that first of all, you get your survey done in a hurry. Complete question is that the reason is that you people do not get the survey done at all, that our money will be stopped. Here, first of all, I would like to thank that some family has intervened after some time. And he was asking that we have been told by the BSP program that the survey.

Poverty score

After getting it done, I guided him that you have to do this work, if you do this work then your poverty score will be reduced and you will be considered Ahil because he was entitled and mustaq and so he applied. The same thing happened, he got involved in BISP program and now he is getting money here, so I thank him here and here because the money belonged to the poor, poor people live in large numbers, so we feel very happy when If their money comes then I also want that you people should be saved from suffering here due to the survey done by the government.

Dynamic Survey

You have started this, this is a dynamic survey, you have to understand this, there is a static survey and there is a dynamic survey, the survey which is dynamic, in this the government itself investigates, searches, checks your records and after that you people are informed. And there is a static survey which is Subani Kolami. Earlier the government used to ask you 65 questions or 63 questions and you used to answer them, as a result of which you were given a score of poverty and you were made helpless or helpless. Used to be given but now the government is doing dynamic registry in which the government is doing it in a very good manner.

Eligible Families

It is seeing whether this family is Ahil or not and which families are there which are not entitled but are taking money, then their money is being stopped and those who are really entitled will get money here, so here is one. This project has been announced, you people will get Rs. 10000 and on the other hand, in the BISP program which is going on, you will get money. If you want to take money from BISP program, then I am going to tell you the biggest thing in this. In this, try to get the records of all the big family you have, if you have got all the records.

Survey Update

If your family grows up, there is almost a 70% chance that you will be made a part of this program. Many families do this by getting the bay forms made for two children and then not even seeing or getting the bay forms made for the remaining children. No, we just get the survey done quickly and we get the money and because of this haste, their money gets stopped, then you should try not to be hasty, which is the way of the government, according to the form you have given to all the children. 

You have to take it after that if you have any elderly person or your parents live with you.If you are there, then you have to take their records, you have to get everyone’s records done, you have to get the dynamic registry done, after that if you are really entitled, then the chances are full.


I am going to share the information that They can also benefit here because this is also a charity going on, if you give correct information to someone and he gets some benefit from it, then the Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif here has started a new project through which Rs. 30000 The amount up to Rs. 30,000 is being credited to your account. You are getting Rs. 30,000.

So here many people asked that how is it being given which is 000000 and what is its application code, so first of all let me tell you that it does not have an application code, it will be applied in another way i.e. through the portal. You can apply, you can give the online application or you can go and apply from some other place where the government is giving you people the amount up to Rs. 0000. The government has seen that at present in Pakistan, what we have There is also a section that has to be taken forward, so here first of all the government saw that the poor section should get the BISP program.

Bisp Registration 8627 
Bisp Registration 8627

Kisan Program

After that, if we support that section of farmers separately, then the government has fixed Rs. 10000 for the farmers. Now how has this Rs. 0000 been fixed, what is the method of taking it, then I would have given you the update. I am here, this project of the government has been specially made for the farmers. The government will give this money to the farmers of our country and it will give the money because of the inflation and you have seen that if you want my production to increase. If my crops are good then I have to spend money for it and I have to go towards whatever technology is available.


One has to wait for good seeds, one has to use good fertilizers and one has to apply water etc. again and again. A good amount of expenditure is incurred for the preparation of the land, so for this purpose the government has started a project here. It has been started under which the farmer will be given Rs. 0000 on one acre and if it is two acres then he will get Rs. 60000, if it is three acres then you will get Rs. 90000 from the government here so that you can increase your production. If good crops can be grown here then the government has started this project. The family which is involved in this project Of Bisp Registration 8627 .