دلچسپ خبر: بی آئی ایس پی 15 جولائی سے 10500 کی ادائیگی 2024 پر دوبارہ اے ٹی ایم شروع کر رہا ہے

BISP Starting ATMs Again from 15th July:

Weavers tells you that you are going to get Rs.10500 through ATM. Because the camp site was also running, but now it will be like this. There have been clear announcements from the government and the Benazir Income Support Rim. From July 15, you will be able to receive your installments from ATMs and not only from ATMs, but those who are receiving their payments from the campsite can also receive their payments from there. Payments will continue and will not be stopped even from there, neither the campsites will be full nor the ATMs will be full, that’s why a new system is being taken. 

New banking system introduced by the Government of Pakistan :

Government of Pakistan is also introducing new system now and people will get money through legitimate cash and easy money

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BISP Starting ATMs Again from 15th July
BISP Starting ATMs Again from 15th July

New update for Jaunch Portal Women:

 The date of the third phase is going to be started and the date of this will also be told to you, while the problem of the examinees is going to end. As many people who were under examination, now they don’t need to go anywhere nor anyone. There is a need to give money. Most of the people get their consent temporarily by giving money, but the problem is not solved and the money is also wasted by them. That is why all people should give money. have been and are telling their examination or survey that other people who are saying that we will do it, they should not pay attention to the words of other people on the instructions given by the Benazir Income Support Program. Follow the verification issue will end in the month of September as soon as the month of September starts then some people who are eligible will be qualified while those who are ineligible will be put in the list of ineligible.

The phase three installment will start from the month of July 

The third phase is also going to start, it has also been announced by the government, so the payment is now starting for those in the third phase, on July 3rd, you will get the payment for the third phase and you You will also be able to collect from your campsite while you will also be able to receive this payment from the ATM

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New update for Jaunch Portal Women
New update for Jaunch Portal Women