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Assalam Alaikum viewers, the new development of 2024 has been revealed regarding the Ehsaas Program and the Benazir Income Support Program. I am going to share but you can turn it into good news if you do this work before 2024. Here, a new development has come up regarding the Invisible Income Support Program and the government’s plan which was started during Imran Khan’s regime was till 2023 and now in 2024 you have to join in a new way. It has to be done, new registration has to be done, the basic reason for this, I share with you people that this program was a five-year program, it was started by Imran Khan, so now its five years are complete. When five years are completed, the government assesses whether the financial conditions of the people to whom we have given money for five years have improved, whether there has been any change in them. If there has been a change in their condition, the government will further elaborate the program and include new people here.  8171 Ehsaas Nadra

BISP Today News Check Update
BISP Today News Check Update

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If the conditions of the people do not improve and people are harmed by this policy from this program, the government will change its plan. Year and some people have received this payment for one year, so this is a message for everyone that the survey will be started again by the government within 2024, the new registration process will start and the people who are in the registration They will be included, they will be given assistance from the government, they will be made part of this program and their children will get educational scholarships, and those who will be women, the assistance up to 20 thousand will be given to the development program. They will also be made part of the ration program under which they will be made a part of the ration program. In any case, it will be served and the financial conditions will be assessed whether they have improved or not. Actions are being taken on it by the government and this work has been completed by the government by June, God willing. will go and from June you people will start getting payment here again  Education Program 2024

BISP Today News Check Update
BISP Today News Check Update

Ehsaas Program 8171 news:

Here’s some recent news about the Ehsaas program (as of March 31, 2024):

  • Ehsaas 5000 Eid Cash: The government announced a special Ehsaas program providing Rs. 5,000 cash assistance to disadvantaged families for Eid. This program utilizes SIM-enabled CNICs for verification. [Source: ]

  • Benazir 8500 Payment: The latest disbursement of Rs. 8,500 for eligible beneficiaries under the BISP Kafalat program (part of Ehsaas) happened in December 2023. You can receive payment through a bank account or by visiting a BISP Tehsil Center. [Source:]

  • Fraudulent Practices: Be aware of scammers who might exploit the program. There are reports of individuals providing wrong numbers (like 7181 instead of 8171) to steal information or extort money. Always rely on official sources for program details. [Source:]

For official information and updates, you can visit the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) website: