Sun. May 26th, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: BISP New Qist Update And Zewar Talem program

When the women have checked their ID card, they are being told on the portal 8171 that Rs. 13500 which is in your account has been transferred and you can receive your money from the device. Now these new installments are 13500 or will you get only 10500 and will you get this amount or not? When they go to the device they are told that your record is blocked Your code has not been unlocked yet. Now what should he do, how can he get this payment, will he really get the amount of 13500 or not? Now as you know, earlier you used to check the ID card, then it was only told that your installment is 102000, but the payment of children with it is 8171 portal. She did not tell me, now it is happening that the last time you took withdraw, she is telling the 8171 portal that so much money belongs to you, but money has also been entered and deposited in your account.

Who knows that you are getting money again 53 thousand it has been transferred to your account again but they are not telling 8171 portal up so don’t worry first of all you have done your The D card is being written by the device owner at the retailer. From there, you have to check the applicant card, is it really your payment that is 13500 rupees, will you get it or not? Take out the interface. The interface is always open. Whatever money you have in your account will be shown to you through the interface. Whatever amount has been deposited in the account, I have made withdrawals through the interface. So if you are worried, you can take out your interface if you can check your payment or check what you have on the device.

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Zeewar Taleem  Programme:

In this way, it is also known that the new installment that is coming is 13500, earlier it was 10,500, but now it is known that the July installment is getting, it is 13,500 now. Now it is known that there is no confirmed news. On Monday, many of these women are doing it in 938. So every Monday, you have done the operation. Those who are near you are going to you. Inshallah, the count will be as soon as possible. will be done.
In relation to the jewelry education program, also that women’s children in the jewelry education program receive their payment. You can go to any retailer and collect the amount of education in your place. They can get it through retailer by going to BOP crawler, apart from how to register and which girls are getting this payment. Will they get payment or only those who are studying in government school will get this stipend. First of all, let me tell those girls who are studying in private schools that you will not have to pay this fee or only the girls who study in the government schools from sixth to 10th are included in this program.

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And there are some districts in it, in some districts the women who grow up are included, in addition to any of the districts that are women or Karachi became Sindh became Khabar Pakhtu Khaw became there this civility does not exist. There are only some districts of Punjab where the facilities of Zewar education program have been provided, so it will beThe data is next ZTP which is the name of this program called Zeverli Program so that they are also sent to Punjab Back as soon as your data goes to them you will receive a message. You should go and open your account.

Now where do you have to get the account up? You can get it to go to Punjab and after that you have whatever account you have. Sitting in the tehsil or BOP in your area, a rail who is giving money, who is giving money to service guard, who is giving money to Badzor program and who is giving money to Zewar education program. towards registration. You have to tell him of the school that you have them, that your votes will be open. Give us the ID card number or you have done it or you have done it in my name. It’s okay to go to Sports, from there you will open an account, you will be registered, after uploading, it will be your first 21,000, okay, after that, it is like 6,000 after three months. If she remains a child, God willing, she will also remain with you

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