BREAKING NEWS: BISP Program For Women Solution Announced

BISP 938 Code Update:

Exciting news has just come in from the Benazir Income Support Program. Previously, you may have received messages from BISP through 8171, informing you about payments or installments. However, a recent update reveals the emergence of the BISP 938 Code.

Here’s the scoop:

When you visit a BISP office or agent, you might be informed that your payment cannot be processed due to your code being set to 938. So, how do you resolve this? Well, the good news is that individuals enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Program, whether already receiving payments or undergoing dynamic registration, can obtain this code. Even those previously under investigation are eligible.

Now, regarding the 938 Code, the government is swiftly addressing the situation to ensure timely disbursement. Individuals who had not received payments under the BISP before can now expect progress with the introduction of the 938 Code.

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Dynamic Registration Update:

Previously, when you visited a representative or agent of the Income Support Program to withdraw your funds, you received confirmation messages through 81 Itar regarding your eligibility or the arrival of your installment, be it Rs 10,500 or Rs 23,500. However, lately, you may encounter a situation where you’re informed about the imposition of the 938 code when attempting to collect your payment.

Rest assured, the government is actively addressing this issue, and resolution efforts are underway. The matter is expected to be resolved within a week. If you’re awaiting payment, there’s no cause for concern as pending payments will be processed promptly.

In case your issue persists beyond the specified timeframe, you’re encouraged to reach out to the helpline of the Benazir Income Support Program for assistance. Additionally, if you require immediate financial support, don’t hesitate to contact the helpline. Once resolved, pending payments of Rs. 938 will be disbursed accordingly. Inshallah, we anticipate a favorable outcome, and we hope you find this update reassuring.

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938 Error Update:

The emergence of the 938 error while withdrawing money has become a significant concern for many individuals. If you’re experiencing this error, I urge you not to panic and to exercise patience. Rest assured, efforts are underway to resolve this issue promptly, hopefully within today or at the latest, by tomorrow.

We will keep you informed through repeated messages to agents or our local offices. There’s no need for you to take any immediate action; we anticipate resolving this matter swiftly. Once the issue is resolved, we will personally notify you to proceed with recovering the amount.

Although we aimed to resolve the issue today, unforeseen technical reasons have caused a delay. However, we remain committed to addressing this concern, and if necessary, expect a resolution by tomorrow, by the grace of Allah.

For those of you with questions regarding the 938 error, I kindly ask for your patience as we work diligently to provide updates and resolve the issue promptly.

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