BREAKING NEWS: CM Punjab Update Installment Plan For Electric Bike Scheme For Students

The E-Bike Scheme 2024: Promoting Green Transportation

The E-Bike Scheme 2024 is an innovative transportation initiative by the Punjabi government aimed at reducing environmental impact. By distributing 10,000 electric bikes to students across the province, this program encourages environmentally beneficial modes of transportation. It addresses concerns about air pollution while also making transportation more accessible and reducing expenses for students. A special financing arrangement with the Bank of Punjab supports this initiative, acknowledging the financial challenges faced by many students.

Approval of the Bike Scheme

The Punjab Bike Scheme for students has been approved by Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this program is that it is interest-free, making it exceptionally beneficial for students. This initiative will provide students with additional travel options, marking a significant milestone in Punjab’s transportation initiatives. Maryam Nawaz highlighted this project as an example of the government’s commitment to student welfare.

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CM Punjab Update Installment Plan For Electric Bike Scheme For Students

Interest-Free Monthly Installment Plan

During the announcement, the Punjabi Chief Minister emphasized that 19,000 petrol-powered and 1,000 electric bikes will be provided to students on an interest-free monthly installment plan. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to supporting students by offering practical payment plans for acquiring bikes.

Painting Bikes Green 2024

Maryam Nawaz personally inspected samples of both electric and petrol-powered motorcycles to ensure they meet quality standards. She also ordered the bikes to be painted in the official green color of the Punjab administration. By examining recommended petrol and electric motorcycles, she emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest standards in the program’s implementation.

Through initiatives like the E-Bike Scheme 2024, the government demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and supporting student welfare in Punjab.

E-Bike Scheme 2024 Overview

Program Name: E-Bike Scheme 2024

Number of Bikes: 19,000 petrol-powered bikes, 1,000 electric bikes

Distribution Target: College and university students in Punjab

Payment Plan: Interest-free monthly installment plan

Equitable Distribution

Transparency and equity in the distribution process are paramount to ensure all eligible candidates have an equal opportunity to succeed. To uphold transparency, a draw has been scheduled for May 2024, with distribution commencing in the same month. As directed by CM Maryam Nawaz, the application timeline will be released before Eid to ensure timely dissemination of information to the public.


In line with ecologically sustainable transportation solutions, the Punjab Government and the Bank of Punjab have launched the E-Bike Scheme 2024. This program aims to provide 10,000 electric bikes exclusively to college and university students, alongside petrol-powered bikes. By significantly reducing carbon emissions, the initiative contributes to a cleaner, greener future while addressing students’ transportation needs.


Will the Distribution be Fair?
Transparency and equity in the distribution process will guarantee that all eligible candidates have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Which Sample of Bikes will be Distributed?
Maryam Nawaz personally inspected motorbike samples—both electric and petrol-powered—to ensure all quality standards were met.