BREAKING NEWS: Details Issued Of Eligibility Criteria for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024 Announcement

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024 is now open for online applications from all highly educated individuals in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has announced this initiative to enhance education and internet literacy across the nation. The online registration process will remain open until April 30, 2024. You can verify eligibility requirements and follow the entire registration process on this page.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2024 represents a significant step in the government’s efforts to elevate the nation’s educational standards and internet literacy. This initiative, building on a long history of similar programs, aims to meet the evolving needs of students in the digital age.

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Details Issued Of Eligibility Criteria for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Objectives of the Laptop Scheme 2024

The government aims to:

Improve the teaching of science and technology, particularly in computer-related courses.

Encourage collaboration between schools and businesses.

Create “smart schools” to support networking and education.

Boost productivity and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

Utilize IT to enhance productivity and instruction.

Eligible Students

To be eligible for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024, students must:

Be enrolled in public sector universities or degree-granting institutions approved by the HEC.

Not be enrolled in colleges affiliated with the government or private sector for higher education.

Not have received a laptop from the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme previously.

Not be foreign nationals or dual citizens.

Register online according to the prescribed process.

Registration Process

The registration process is straightforward. Follow these steps to apply:

Visit the Official HEC Portal: Ensure you use the official Higher Education Commission (HEC) portal for registration to avoid fake links.

Complete the Online Form: Fill in the required details accurately.

Submit Required Documents: Provide necessary documents as specified on the portal.

Verify Your Information: Double-check all information before submission to avoid errors.

Submit the Application: Once everything is completed and verified, submit your application.

Important Notice

Students are advised to be cautious of fake registration links on social media. Only use the official HEC portal for registration to prevent data theft and ensure your application is processed correctly.


The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2024, approved by the Pakistani government, aims to provide high-quality laptops to students based on merit. The HEC has started the procurement process and will begin formal registration soon. Students should stay updated through official channels and follow the proper registration procedures to benefit from this valuable opportunity.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has officially launched the PM Laptop Scheme 2024’s registration process. This educational program aims to provide free laptops to gifted students enrolled in colleges and universities nationwide. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is expected to open the registration portal soon, enabling interested students to apply for laptops by completing their registration. Stay tuned to official announcements for the latest updates and ensure you follow the proper registration procedures to benefit from this initiative.