Fri. May 24th, 2024
Dynamic Survey new update

Dynamic Survey new update:

BISP and NSER Update: The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) conducted a National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) update between 2019 and 2021. This aimed to improve beneficiary targeting and included data collection.

Move towards a Dynamic Registry: BISP is reportedly working on a dynamic registry system. This would allow beneficiaries to update their information through various channels.

Good News For CNIC Holders 25000 Eid Program:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, have your ID card been made? If yes, then this post is for all people, because the government has decided to give relief to all the ID card holders, meaning those who have made their ID card every month. You can also get this relief from the government, just you should have the original ID card. If you can get huge assistance, all the assistance programs issued by the government are for the deserving people, so it is the right of all people that if you consider yourself entitled, you must participate in these assistance programs. What should you do as a participant, do mandatory registration so that your right can be delivered to you, so in all the aid programs that have been run so far, only the ID card holder has been included because the ID card is an identity that you have. Through this, you become a citizen of Pakistan, which means that your entire data is available with the government. Yes, this is a duty and the owner of this ID card is eligible for this aid program. So, among all the aid programs, the biggest aid program is Benazir Income Support Program and there is a survey for it. When the program was launched, door-to-door surveys were conducted to collect data from people, and then the system changed to NSCR surveys being conducted by the office, then a little system advance. Hawa and now dynamic surveys which are completed with the support of NADRA, now through this dynamic survey, if you get your registration or survey done, then you are included in every aid program and given relief.

Dynamic Survey new update
Dynamic Survey new update

Bisp 10500 8171 Portal:

Viewers are currently running huge aid programs. The first basic program is the sponsorship program under which an installment of 10,500 rupees is issued every three months. All eligible women who are eligible for the sponsorship program can enroll their school-going children in educational scholarships and receive a huge amount of assistance, and then other assistance programs such as the provincial government. Special Ramadan relief programs have been issued by the government, Eid programs have been issued and along with this, free atta and free ration or cheap ata cheap ration programs are being launched, so all these relief programs are for those who are have original identity card then they have registered their identity card through NSCR survey or dynamic survey except those who have identity card and have not yet registered in any assistance program If you have not been added then how to join now if you have never registered before or have registered but you have not been added then there is a simple procedure for both you and your husband and wife. Bring your identity card, if you have a house gas or electricity bill, take your child’s bay form and along with that, a sim registered in your name, which is working with you, should also be with you. That’s right. After taking the things, you will go to the nearest tehsil office of Benazir Income Support Program, then from there you can get your dynamic survey done. Within about six months of getting the dynamic survey done, you should also get a message from 8171 regarding eligibility. Your eligibility status will also be updated on the GA 8171 web portal, as soon as you are eligible, then you will start receiving money for the sponsorship program, educational scholarship program, and various assistance programs. That if you complete this process and get your dynamic survey done and you are declared eligible, then you will continue to get assistance up to 25 thousand rupees every three months, it is not that you will get it only once. You will receive this installment after every three months, in which you will take at least 25,000 paise up to 30,000 rupees. can get the quarterly assistance from the government, so the viewer has only one purpose of this post, those who are not yet registered should make their dynamic survey mandatory and now that all those who are regular beneficiaries are also After every three months, you will have to do your dynamic survey again, so viewers, if you are eligible, consider yourself entitled, then do the mandatory survey so that you can also get assistance from the government.

Dynamic Survey new update
Dynamic Survey new update

8171 Dynamic survey:

The 8171 Dynamic survey is connected to the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in Pakistan. It’s a way for the program to assess eligibility for financial aid. Here’s a breakdown of what I found:

  • Purpose: The survey helps identify new beneficiaries who may be qualified for BISP’s financial assistance. It also re-enrolls those who were previously ineligible but now meet the criteria.
  • Process: BISP conducts the survey periodically through designated centers, often called Benazir Dynamic Registration Centers .
  • Current survey: There might be an ongoing BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey happening from April to June 2024. You can find information on how to register for this survey on the BISP website