Ehsaas Program

Ehsaas Program:

The Ehsaas Program is a social safety net and poverty alleviation program launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2019. It’s an umbrella program that encompasses several initiatives aimed at uplifting the lives of underprivileged Pakistanis.

Here’s a breakdown of the Ehsaas Program:

  • Goal: Reduce poverty and improve the socioeconomic well-being of Pakistani citizens.

  • Components: The program consists of various sub-programs that address different aspects of poverty, including:

    • Ehsaas Kafaalat: Provides financial assistance to low-income families.
    • Ehsaas Rashaan Program: Subsidizes essential food items for low-income families.
    • Ehsaas Emergency Cash Transfer: Offers financial support during emergencies.
    • Sehat Insaf Card: Provides health insurance to low-income families.
    • Ehsaas Scholarship Program: Supports education for underprivileged students.
    • And many more!
  • Registration: You can check your eligibility and register for the Ehsaas program through:

There are also resources available online to help you navigate the Ehsaas program, such as the BISP Ehsaas Survey Guide app. This app offers information on different Ehsaas program components and can guide you through the registration process.

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about a specific component of the Ehsaas program, or if you have any questions about eligibility or registration.

BISP New Update 2024:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, from June 10th, the verification and ineligible people are also getting rid of the problem because the second phase of the Benazir Income Support Program has also been started and the installments are also being released to those who have been disqualified. Yes, they will also tell you how long your installments will remain after disqualification and from when your money will be stopped because your installments will not stop with disqualification. Given that if the payments are being transferred at that time, then the payments have already been received in your accounts, they can also get you. The application of Kisan card has also started through the code, under which you can get a loan of up to one and a half lakh and that too without interest, along with many other facilities, you can be given all these updates. Moving on to the details, please let us know. Weaver is the first to talk about those people who were disqualified under the Benazir Kafal program, who were worried that our money has stopped. Inshallah, after June 10, many such people will be there. People who are newly eligible but payments are starting to be transferred in their accounts, then this will be their last installment, not that they will remain ineligible and from here they are being transferred to installments after two years. Also, there is a big good news for the people who got checked after June 10 that they have also been given the status of eligible or ineligible from June 10 to July 10. It will mean that their examination will be terminated. Obviously, if you are eligible, then after that you will start getting payments. Re-registration option is available Benazir Kafalat Program

Ehsaas Program
Ehsaas Program

BISP Payment 2nd Phase Start:

All such persons who are regular beneficiaries and did not receive payments in the first phase, now the second phase of payments has started, after which the third phase will also happen. You will be included in the third phase. Remember that you can get the installment of the sponsorship program in any phase. It means that if you have paid your installment in the first phase, you can get your installment whenever you want in the third phase. However, it is very hot these days, so you have to avoid the rush at the camp sides and avoid the heat and go and get your installments in easy conditions because the second phase is going to start from tomorrow. The installments are going to those who were not included in the first phase and in the second phase, their district has been named, so they will be able to get their installment from tomorrow, God willing. It is also going to be very soon, before that registration is done through short code, but there is also a new portal through which you will be able to apply for the Kisan card yourself, you will also be able to check the eligibility yourself and submit some quoifs. If you have to do it, you will be able to do it yourself sitting at home. God willing, we will tell you in the next two or three posts. Before that, registration is being done through 8070, using your personal SIM through 8070. Some will register your ID card on 8070 by going to the right message option of your mobile, PKC space will send your ID card number to 8070 without dash. You will be eligible and after being eligible in this program, you are given an interest-free loan of up to one and a half lakh, which you can pay back in the next six months. It is not a good thing, but those who have bad conditions do something to improve their conditions, however, it is our duty to tell you about this program. Educational Scholarships

Ehsaas Program
Ehsaas Program

8070 Apply:

The number 8070 seems to be used for a couple different things depending on the context:

  • Pakistan: In the Punjab province of Pakistan, 8070 is an SMS number used to register for the CM Punjab Insaf Imdad program. This is a financial aid program for residents. If you’re in Punjab and looking to apply for Insaf Imdad, you can text 8070 to start the registration process.
  • Job Application: Less likely, but 8070 could also be a job requisition number for a specific position. If you found this number in a job listing for USIC, it likely refers to a Utility Locator position in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You would apply for the job through the USIC careers website, not by texting 8070.

To figure out which applies to you, consider:

  • Location: Are you in Punjab, Pakistan?
  • Context: Did you see 8070 in a job listing or somewhere related to financial aid?

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to do a quick web search for “8070 Apply” along with any other relevant details you have.