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Eid Program 5000

Eid Program 5000:

The Eid Program 5000 you’re referring to likely refers to the BISP 5000 Eid-ul-Fitr Cash Distribution program in Pakistan. This program provides financial assistance of 5,000 rupees to underprivileged families to help them celebrate Eid.

BISP Latest Today News:

Assalam Alaikum, viewers, as you all know that at this time, under the Eid Al-Fitr relief program, the installment of the Eid Al-Fitr program has started on the identity cards of the deserving people, believe me, just like two years ago during the Corona days. 12,12,000 rupees were given to the public in the same way that money is coming into the public account at that time, someone has received a payment of Rs. The payment has also been made and yes, the good news is that not only the government of one province has started this program, but all the provincial governments have formally started the aid programs for Eid-ul-Fitr and yes to some people. It was said that yes, we have not received any message for the Eid episode yet, so what should we do? Let us tell you that if you are eligible and you have not received the message, then we are going to tell you a procedure. If you follow them then the installment of the Eid program will definitely appear in your account. If there is still any procedure for you people, according to which you people can qualify for this program and receive the installment of the Eid program, then they will also tell you in the same post. You will also be informed about the important news regarding the Nighaban program, whether the Nighaban program is running now or not, because a news regarding the closure of the Nighaban program was circulating on social media, so the most important update in this regard. will share with you and also inform you about the most important information regarding Kisan Card because the government has launched Kisan Card for which a budget of one and a half billion rupees has been allocated and A farmer brother will be provided an amount of 30 thousand rupees for one acre, so we will share the most important information with you regarding this new program.

Eid Program 5000
Eid Program 5000

Maryam Nawaz solar panel installments:

Viewers, first of all, let us tell you that under BISP, the account of a large number of people have received installments of sponsorship and stipend. If you must go and receive the installments, then yes, now we are informing you about the most important information regarding the aid programs of Eid-ul-Fitr, as you all know that the Eid programs were released by the government. A large number of people have received assistance amounting to 2000 five thousand and 10 thousand rupees in their account, but some people were asking questions that we have not registered in the Eid programs and we have not received any message yet. If it is found, can we get this episode of Eid program? Yes, of course you can get this episode, but it is necessary whether you are in the designated area of the Eid programs issued by the government or not, because it is The programs have been started only for the deserving people and each provincial government has qualified the people in these programs according to their budget and let us tell you that no new registration has been done in these Eid programs but the old B of the people. By using the data of ISP and Ehsaas program, you are eligible, so those people who are registered in Benazir Income Support Program or Ehsaas program received Rs 12,000 last year during Corona days or These programs have also been started for the people who have been receiving installments of Benazir kafalat and stipend or those who received free flour or two thousand rupees as Eid programs on the occasion of Ramadan last year. So, two or three years ago, did you people get 12 thousand rupees or not, or did you people get 2 thousand rupees or free flour in the month of Ramadan last year? This money has been released to you people by using which, so please tell everyone that in any survey conducted by the government for assistance programs, a poverty score is used to determine the eligibility of people. If the allocation is made, the people whose poverty score is up to 26 have received free ration under the Free Atta program in Punjab.

Eid Program 5000
Eid Program 5000

BISP NSER survey:

The BISP NSER survey stands for the Benazir Income Support Programme National Socio-Economic Registry survey. It’s a way for BISP to identify people who qualify for their financial aid programs.

Here’s a breakdown of what it is:

  • BISP: The Benazir Income Support Programme is a Pakistani government program that provides financial assistance to low-income families.
  • NSER: National Socio-Economic Registry is a database containing information about the socio-economic status of Pakistani households. BISP uses this data to target their aid programs.

There have been two NSER surveys so far:

  • 2011: The first survey gathered data from over 27 million households across Pakistan. This data is used to determine who qualifies for BISP programs.
  • 2019-2021: A second survey updated the NSER database. This update aimed to reenroll existing BISP recipients, find new qualified households, and improve targeting for other social programs that rely on the NSER data. The updated registry now has information on over 35 million households.

Here are some resources for you to learn more:

  • BISP website about NSER: [BISP NSER ON]
  • National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) on NSER: [NADRA NSER BISP initiative ON National Database & Registration Authority]