TODAY NEWS: Eligible Families 50,000 Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme was initiated to provide electricity to all poor families in Punjab. Families interested in acquiring solar panels through this scheme should visit their nearest Bank of Punjab to begin the registration process. This article explains the steps required to register at the Bank of Punjab and obtain solar panels in easy installments.

New Registration at the Nearest Bank of Punjab

Registering for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme through the Bank of Punjab is straightforward. Follow these steps to complete your registration:

Visit the Bank:

Go to any Bank of Punjab branch near you.

Fill Out the Registration Form:

Obtain the registration form from the bank.

Enter all required information accurately.

Submit Required Documents:

Provide photocopies of your identity card (passport size).

Pay the Fee:

Submit a challan fee of Rs 2000.

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Registration Confirmation:

Once you fulfill all the requirements and are deemed eligible, your registration will be completed.

Successful registrants will be among those selected to receive solar panels from the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme.

Due to the high number of applications, the distribution of solar panels is managed through a loan system.

Eligibility for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

To be eligible for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, families must meet the following criteria:

Low Poverty Score: Families with low poverty scores are prioritized.

Electricity Consumption: Monthly electricity consumption must be less than 100 units.

All essential components will be provided with the Punjab Solar Panels, ensuring a complete system.

Application Process and Draw

Submit Application:

Complete the registration process by submitting your application at any Bank of Punjab branch.

Eligibility Check:

If your application meets the eligibility criteria, you will be included in the list of potential recipients.

Draw Process:

A draw will be conducted among all eligible applicants.

Those selected in the draw will receive the solar panel system under the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme.

If your name appears in the draw, you will be one of the fortunate recipients of a complete solar panel system to help meet your electricity needs.

Eligible Families 50,000 Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

Distribution of 50,000 Punjab Solar Panels – Latest Update

The distribution process of 50,000 solar panels began in 2024 as per the latest update on the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme. If you’ve already submitted your application and are awaiting distribution, you can now access details regarding your solar panel, eligibility, and registration status.

Distribution Process Details

Due to the overwhelming number of applicants in 2024, exceeding the scheme’s capacity, the distribution of solar panels was managed through credit. Eligible recipients of the Cholu Panel Scheme were provided with solar panel systems through a loan from the Solar Panel Scheme.


The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is a government commitment aimed at addressing the electricity shortage faced by families. Rising inflation and increasing electricity prices have made it challenging for poor families to afford electricity. To combat this issue and manage inflation rates, the Punjab government initiated the distribution of solar panels to eligible families.

Registration Process

To register for the 50,000 solar panel scheme and acquire a solar system, follow the steps outlined in the article. In 2024, along with the solar panel system, you will also receive the converter and other necessary components. You can pay the amount in installments according to your financial capability.