Sun. May 26th, 2024
Eligible in 8171

Eligible in 8171

Malikat Asif Ali Zardari has approved the appointment of Rubina Khalid as the chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program Eligible in 8171. Sadr Malikat has also accepted the resignation of Dr. Amjad Saqib from the post of chairperson. Salutations to all the Nazarenes. Well, the bill is finally the new chairperson Rubina Khalid. The second installment of Rs. 10500 has arrived and spread. Three types of families are going to get it from tomorrow. Your family can also be included in it. Has the payment also come for the families who were investigated? Those who are making new arrangements for the new survey takers. If you have got it done then there is a very good news for those too and those whose money

Benazir Income Support Program 

Those who were stuck or some who have not even received the previous installment, their money has now arrived. we provide you true and authentic information here. The latest news of this time is that finally Rubina Khalid has been appointed as the new chairperson. Earlier the chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program was Amjad Saqib. Sir, he was fulfilling his responsibilities. His time was spent very well.

New Survey

Sadre Malikat Asif Ali Zardari has approved the posting of Rubina Khalid as chairperson in Benazir Income Support Program . Sadre Mamal Kat has also accepted the resignation of Doc Amjad Saqib from the post of chairperson. After the posting, a big announcement has also come out. In which you are going to get the May payment of ₹ 10,500. Payments have already been made in the accounts of many families, which they will start getting from tomorrow. This includes not only the investigation persons but also many people who were their own. After conducting a new survey, they were not resolved immediately.

Eligible in 8171
Eligible in 8171

Dynamic Registry

He was put in the list of investigation. As soon as he used to check his money, from now onwards he was being told that the entry of your dynamic registry has been completed and your investigation is going on, so total of eight cases of investigation. Only then the Ahal Ek Katun is done. The good news for those who are undergoing investigation is that their payments are starting from tomorrow, some will be made now, some will be made in the month of June and their payments are yet to be made. 

938 code

People should also feel that the remaining 40 to 50 people are included and in the same way the new people too who are new Those who were getting money earlier have also got the survey done and those who were not getting it, those whose identity card was made new but their payment was not showing, then the good news for those with new identity card is that their payment. 938 is also going to be started. There were a large number of people who wanted to get the bells but due to repeated fingering or not fingering, they had gone to the 938 code or their code was stuck. So now their payments have also started, while the actual regular benefits which are called Benazir Income Support Program.

Withdraw payment

Even before the form, money was being received, whether they have collected installment of Rs 8500 or Rs 9000, now they will also be able to recover Rs 10500 from 13th May. On 13th May, all the regular beneficiaries will be paid and you will be able to recover it. You will be able to do this, whereas the payment for the rest of the people who have told you is starting from tomorrow and debiting has also started in your account, you will be able to recover this payment from cents in a city near you. Centers have been set up in schools and colleges, center cameras have been set up and from there you can watch this You will be able to withdraw payment Easily.

New Latest Eligibility Criteria Of BISP

You will be informed the new standards of the BISP program. Who is eligible for this program? Who will be eligible for this program? And they will be given monetary assistance. If you favor to qualify for this software and get your economic resource amount. So you will be advised all the techniques here. In this application the negative and deserving humans are eligible and the disabled humans are eligible. Widows are eligible. Pregnant ladies are eligible.

Eligible in 8171
Eligible in 8171

Government personnel are no longer eligible for this program. Or these men and women whose property is greater than three acres. They are no longer eligible for this program. Pregnant female are eligible. Those people whose age is greater than 60 years are eligible for this program. Daily worker’s are eligible for this program. Those human beings whose poverty rating is much less than forty percent. These human beings will be eligible for this program. And they will be given economic resource money.



The BISP software has many advantages. Poor and deserving human beings are Eligible in 8171 for this program. Widows are settled. If you additionally prefer to get your monetary resource quantity for your eligibility in this program. So right here all the techniques have been defined to you. That’s how you can get your cash right now through qualifying for this program. If you favor to get your resource money.

So please examine the article carefully. All the strategies will be in your mind. How can you qualify for this application and obtain your resource cash immediately? Remember when you qualify for this program. So you have to get your resource quantity from your neighborhood BISP software office.